Colief for lactose intolerance, Ruby now refusing the bottle

Sorry to keep asking questions about this girls but i'm so desperate.
Ruby STILL hasn't been tested for lactose intolerance (appointment in 4 weeks) but doctors think she has it so is prescribed SMA LF which she really hates. She is a big girl at 14lb 12oz at 14 weeks and is only taking 2-3oz per feed whereas before took 6-7oz before swapping milks, she is just refusing to take anymore. I've tried different bottles with different teats, going up a teat size but she just refuses the bottle everytime.

I am hoping the dieticians can bring her appointment forward but until then I have to just 'cope' apparently! Cheers!!!

I tried her back on Cow and Gate 1 and she went straight back to being really sick and awful diareah and screaming etc so back on the SMA LF. I spoke to a pharmacist in Boots who said to try Cow and Gate Wysoy which is a soya milk and she had that yesterday but back to drinking tiny amounts. It smells foul so must taste awful. I've also read that babies with problems with lactose also have problems with soya??
Anyway in desperation i've been searching the net all night and came across colief drops, which says it takes the lactose out of formula milks??

Has anyone had any experience with this? Also can you recommend any milks I can try. She never got on with any before obviously so will be starting from scratch. She tried Aptamil, SMA Cow and Gate and Farleys.

Has anyone used Hipp Organic?????

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help, you're all much more helpful than all the Drs and HV who think I can't cope. Of course I can cope, I have to but waking literally 5 times in the night because she's so hungry is starting to take the p*ss now!

Also would it help if I weaned early? She's 14 weeks, 2 weeks late so should be 16 weeks.

Thank you,

Amy xxx

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  • I use cow and gate comfort. It works really well. Be warned it makes baby poo even worse.
  • Hi girls,
    Yes she was on Cow and Gate Comfort before we thought of the lactose problem as she was being so sick, it really helped with the sickness. I think I might give that one a go again as that was probably the best of all the ones we tried. I hadn't thought of going back to that one.
    Did anyone else find that the poos smelt awful???
    As soon as did one everyone in the room gagged!! xx
  • lol yeah it makes poos stink. matthews are really bad...bit better now he's on solids!
    Good luck xx
  • Hi,

    I have a similar problem with my lo. She is 14 weeks too and has been on a variety of formula's to try and help her colic. The only thing that really helped her was the SMA LF but it made her constipated. We then changed to hipp organic with colief drops and she changed instantly. I've now changed to Aptimil Hungry Baby as she is !4lbs 4oz ish (2 weeks ago weighed) and she looks for more food.

    Try the colief - it helps Ella. I've not had her tested for lactose intolerence but am pretty sure thats what she has. Hospital wouldn't test her and just laughed at me!!! Said it was colic and to deal with it!!!
  • hi amy, please dont think that i am trying to have a go or anything, but i really am trying to help. i haven't read any of your posts, so i dont know what you have been thru' - i can only go off this.
    it seems that in 14 weeks, she has had a lot of different milks for you to try and make her more comfortable - it may be that that could have caused her more problems than not. - if her body is only having so much of one milk before trying another, her body may just not be able to cope.
    although it is a huge pain in the a**e for you at the moment with the amount she is taking, i suggest you stick with the SMA LF that your gp has prescribed until you see the dietician.
    SMA LF is still cows milk with the lactose removed, whereas Wysoy is just soya milk. i wouldnt put her back on any normal cows milk formula until having seen the dietician. it then seems a bit pointless to buy colief just to remove the lactose.
    once she is on the milk for a while, without the diarrhoea etc, you may find that she increases the amount she is taking herself.
    in view of the problems she is having tolerating milk, i wouldnt wean her until you have seen the dietician- until you know what is the matter with her, and she can be fed accordingly.
    go back to your gp and ask for the referral to be made urgent, or see if you can ring them yourself.
  • Hi amy i too have tried daisy on four different milks and my peadiatrician said to me in the end i need to stick to one milk now as every time i changed milks she got constipation even worse but i like you was given different advice from different people. im reluctant t o say this now but i go and take daisyto chiropractor every week i had to go before she was born as my pelvis and back were deystroyed by her!!!! I know this sounds really bizzare but the chiropractor did milk intolerance testing on her . first of all she did food intolerance on me very hard to explain but basically i had a small piece of say bread on y tongue and they test the strenght in your arm then say cheese or milk and tried this with lots of different foods i was very week with wheat its a bit like an arm wrestleand you go very weak. she then did it with vitamins and i am now taking vit a and glycine from this test she then tested daisy. i had to bring incartons of all diferent formulas, i put my hand on her tummy put the milk indaisys mouth and every single milk except cow and gate made meweak (apparently an electrical current passes fromdaisy through me. ) Like i say i know it sounds wierd but i put her back on cow and gate shewas on it to start with but with all her wind problems started to try different formulas and since then she has pooed every day she was very constipated before. I never dismiss a doctors advice but i would seriously consider some alternative therapy too if you have any in your area. I am going to try reikki next to see if it can help settle her at night. i really feel for you as i feel i havnt been able to enjoy her as much as i could as i am knackered am up most of the night and she sleeps very little in day , it is hard workand frustrating .
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