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Anyone have a Grobag egg room thermometer?

In the process of doing our nursey and was wondering what your opinions are on these?

I really like the fact that it glows different colours to show if the room's at the correct temperature, but was just wondering if this light is strong enough to do things by eg. night feeds, perhaps nappy changes.

We don't have a dimmer switch in the room so I do want some kind of dim light in there, but don't want to buy this egg thing if the light's not strong enough to be of any use.

Thanks for your help mummies.



  • Hiya!

    We have a grobag egg thermometer and the light isn't strong enough to feed by etc. We have found it to be a really good buy but I'm sure if you're specifically looking for something with a stronger light you'll be able to find something that does it better.

    Jen x x
  • We have one and I do not think the light would be strong enough - it is not all that bright but I do like it just to keep a check on the temp of the room.
    We also have a night light - I think it was out of the jo jo catalogue, it has a dimmer switch so you can set the brightness to what ever you like and it has a fade to dark setting. Not sure if that is the sort of thing you are looking for but hope it helps :\)
  • Thanks ladies, that's exactly what I wanted to know. Think I'll keep looking for the time being, I've got plenty of time after all. Seems silly but we're desperately short of plug sockets in the nursery so was hoping to get something that can function both as a night light and a dimmer lamp so that we don't have to resort to lots of extension leads.

    Though now I've had a good look at them I REALLY do like those eggs.... dammit!

  • hiya

    we have a grobag egg, the light is definitely not strong enough to feed by or change a nappy.

    i don't think much to my egg and wouldn't really recommend it, i don't use it anymore for my lo as i was never convinced the temperature was actually what it said it was.

    grobag do a night light too, it's a little gadget that fits in the light bulb socket and then you fit the bulb through that, it looks pretty good. here's the link to the official grobag website so you can have a look, i'm considering one for my next arrival but not sure about it, don't want it to be a waste of money like the egg.

    hope this helps a bit

  • Hiya!

    I agree with the above comments and I would say that it always seemed to be stating that it was too hot no matter what I did. It sent me completely paranoid so put it away after a week or two!

    The room Tommy was in was definately cooler than the hospital ward but because of the gloegg I had windows wide open and fans on and was still panicing! If anything he probably wasnt warm enough!

    I found touching the back of his neck was always best!
  • I am a naughty mummy with no room thermometer or baby monitor!! (Latter was total waste of money in the tiny house we live in)

    What we did for a dim light with night feeds was put the light on in the utility space (just outside bedroom as on one floor, you could use landing light) and put the door open a crack.

    Can you tell I'm a skinflint?!?
  • I have one too, and agree that the temperature reads a bit high. I have a thermometer on my baby monitor (didn't realise it had one when I bought it or I wouldn't have got the egg) and the egg consistently reads about 3 degrees higher. Having said that, it is still useful as I've worked out what to dress him in for bed when it reads a certain temperature without having to think. It did worry me a bit to start with before I realised though.

    I do find it is fine to feed my lo by at night, but hI think he has a homing radar - he could probably feed if it was pitch black!
  • hello,

    agree, the grobag thermometer doesnt give enough light for feeds etc. We have a video monitor which gives us enough light for this (one of our best investments). We did start off using a bedside lamp with alow watt bulb. We were tempted to buy a touch lamp but our funds couldnt stretch that far.

    The grobag egg seems to have a mixture of +ve and -ve reviews. I saw this after hubby had gone and ordered it! From our experience it is only 1'C higher than our thermometer on our air cond. So we use it as the max temp our room is. We were wondering if this increas in degree maybe as a result of the heat the groegg produces itself. As it gets slightly warm as it is plugger on rather battery. We also find it good as you can see the temp from across the room.

    We too found we didnt have enough plugs and brought a cheap extension lead. xxx
  • i have one and love it - one it looks trendy (god im sad) and also i do like to see what temp is, i too think it reads slightly higher but it gives me a guide of what to dress him in for bed!

    then my bro brought us a touch lamp just a small one thats in corner of room that you can touch base up to 3 times and it gets brighter so if i need to turn light on in night i touch once to the lowest setting - think it was argos...
  • Hi!! 

    We we have a gro egg in our bedroom at the minute. We are due in august. We also bought a dusk till dawn light that you just plug in to the mains- not sure if it's bright enough for nappy changed as bottle feeding but it cost us £5 from Boots, uses 3p electric a week.. not a bad buy really x

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