no poo

My 4 month Exclusivly BF baby hasnt poo'ed in 24 hrs.... is this something to worry about?


  • Grrr, blooming BE ate my reply.

    I have posted something similar in born in Feb. My LO is nearly 5 weeks old, prodominently BF and hadn't pooed since Monday morning. Apparently it's quite normal with breast feb babies as long as they are having wet nappies, are not straining to poo and don't go longer than a week. I was going to ring the HV if there was nothing this morning and then I had a delightful explosion to deal with about an hour ago!
  • oh no its nothing to worry about as long as it hasnt gone on to long or they are really straining and crying trying to poo.

    Ollie frequently went 7-10 days without a poo, we'd almost time him by them in the end so much so we knew our wedding day would be a blast as he was due a poo on that day! :lol: he used to have nothing, then explode every 7 days... (and he always exploded)

    MJ was more regular and has never gone as long but she can go a good few days (or did before she was on solids) between them.

    Its because there is practically nothing in breast milk that cannot be used by baby - there is no waste image

  • its quite normal ffor bf babies to go up to 10 days without pooing, because everything in breastmilk can be used by baby so there isn't as much waste as ff so less poo xx
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