need tips for a stroppy 14 month

ok my lo has developed this stroppy behaviour, paddy's you name it. Buggy time is the worst though, had to walk to the local pub for our dinner today it takes 10 minutes. It took 30 today arghh, also at meal times she starts, near nap times n when her bro is sitting too close.

Any suggestions hints, tried ignoring, tell her no naughty, any ideas please !!!!!!!


  • hun i went thru and am still goin thru it with faith atm, i just walk away from her and she soon realises that its not working to have paddys and turns back into a human child lol
  • Sorry no advice but can sympathise, my 11mth old has wicked paddy time and all anyone ever says is 'oooh i wonder who he gets his temper from?' do they really want both me and him to throw a paddy simultaneously - they'd regret it! hehe
  • Awe, I dont have a lot of advice, but is there any ways you can help her to feel "big". I think it is their way of trying to show they are big, big enough to have opinions, and want to influence their world. Could you let her pick what toys to bring with to the pub, or get her to help you with odd job around the house, give her things to do which make her feel like she has a place outside being the baby. I found putting silverware away in the drawer, putting socks in the drawer, helping set the table, choosing the bedtime story, letting them choose what treat (banana or orange) they get to have after we have arrived where we need to go (without fuss), ect have helped empower them a little so they feel the need to contest their "rights" a little less.

    Outside that ignoring is best, but so hard.

    good luck

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