Can I recommend...

As you may know if you have read my posts from this morning, my little man has a really bad cold.
He is struggling something chronic from a wet blocked nose and is struggling to breath through it when feeding.
Well I have found a fab contraption! A nasal aspirator!
I dont know if you ladies know about them, but I didn't til I was frantically searching the shelves in the chemist for something to unblock his nose and came across this.
It sucks out the wet bogies (sorry) out of there nose. I have been using it on the little man and got loads out and he is breathing a lot easier.
The one I got cost ??3.99 and its the best ??3.99 I have ever spent!

Thought I would let you ladies know just incase any of your little ones get a summer cold like my little man has got.

Maz & Kieran 7+1
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