faith refferal at hospital has come thought 13 jan

the post came this morning and we got her referral thought about time. Faith still not well she weezing on off and getting nice high temps and she sick as but she taking her bottle so that a good thing the inhalers are working for bit but not all the time she off her soilds but not sure how to play that yet i am give finger food but she not keen just hopeing she better for christmas.
hope every one it ok and wont to wish everyone merry Christmas and say BIG THANK YOU all the support over the last year
Carrie faith


  • It's great you have a date now and hopefully get to the bottom of everything, I hope you can enjoy a lovely christmas.

    lisa and louuise
  • good news hope everything goes well xx
  • hi honey!!

    at last!!

    try not to worry too much about her milk if she still wheezy - it could make her worse due to the thickness of it!! just keep up with the fluids to stop her being dehydrated, and the finger foods you mentioned!!

    she need to be well for the next Slatteries trip!! image
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