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  • Its going ok....I'm staying for the time being as have nowhere else to go! My dad has no room and mums is too far away from oh so not really an option. We're still friends and have seperate rooms anyway due to him working nights so its not too bad!....just trying not to think about it and concentrating on gabe I guess! I gtg now as supposed to be visiting someone and gotta get my ass into gear, Gabe is not dressed or breakfasted lol!!! xx
  • trying not to think about it, so i bring it up! lol! sorry hun.
    hope things sort themselves out. I bet gabes still as happy as ever! xx
  • no its ok lol...we are kind of still acting 'together' and all friendly, it's weird. I have no idea what to think :\? He rescued me today when trains were canceled...argh I go from hating him to thinking he's great, I can't win. I dont know why I even posted on BE about it all dramatic as everything changes all the time gah!!!
    gabe wasnt happy this evening he was screaming for his tea all down the M6 at stand still! Not fun.
    He seems happy enough now though in bed. How's Cameron? I saw your wedding location and it looks gorgeous!! x

  • x

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