just thought to let you know


they are planning a strike which will affect some areas, but not all areas of the country.

The news today has had stories about them being pressured about walking faster, but that would appear to only be in some offices (hubby's office have never said a word about how fast they go!)

I dont want this post to turn into a great slagging off of Royal Mail (as the very few spoil it for the many that do work and do their job properly), I just wanted to let you know because the last posting date for the UK (xmas cards etc) is the 20th Dec, so you might want to get them out before the strikes happen so they don't get caught up in the backlog.

Hope it doesnt affect anyone, and I know that my hubby's office will not be striking, so many others may not be either.



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  • I know, and yet they say they 'dont want to cause chaos'.......

    its not good for wages either, as for every day they strike they lose a days pay, right before xmas. :\(

  • aye, image got fed up of initials :lol: and it wouldnt let me have stephe, apparantly there is already one on here! image *waves*

  • They have to walk faster????? Thats insane. Surely they walk as fast as they can cos they want to get finished and get home.

    Hmmm i will keep an eye out for my postman and see if he dawdles down the road lol
  • i have to admit my postman takes the p*ss so i think we can all blame him for it lol! i see him wandering round early morning and sometimes i don't get my post til well after lunch!
  • My postman is never here before midday and today arrived when I was doing the afternoon school run (somewhere between 2.45 and 3.45) I dont mind tho coz he is lovely and always says hello, thats probably why hes late, he likes to chat to everyone. :\)
  • I loved the posty i had in england he was a really sweet old guy and he life of the back of ours with his wife. if he ever turned up with a package and i wasnt in, he never bothered leven me a note to colect it he would just bring it by at the end of his shift, when i was pregnant with my daughter he was put on a new route and he got the new guy to do the same for me.
    the one i have where i live now is hit or miss this week he has been here before 9.30am expect today where he was here around 12, at which point, he left the red card but never filled it in righ. not sure if its for me or hubby, dosnt say when he was round with it, dosnt say if he has left it with a neighbour or if i should call about collection or redelivery. he did scribble something on the front of it where it says what he was delivering but his righting is not exactly easy to read i think he was a doctor in a pas life lol x
  • i get my post wait for it at 3pm , the days nearly bloody gone its very strange i think, im sure my postie just sits in the pub n at 12 thinks oh bugger theres somthing i need to do oh yeah deliver the post lol
  • I doubt he sits in the pub, although I wouldn't blame them for doing so! :lol:

    Hubby went into work this morning at 5am, and is still there at the moment sorting the post out as there is that much coming through. That means he wont finish work till 3pm at the earliest - and he's on a part time round today. image

    Normally, its a case of they are now not allowed out to deliver post before 9am, so if its a busy day and a large round it will be gone 3pm in the afternoon before some people recieve their post. Its not the posties fault though - its those fat cats trying to make 'savings' for their back pockets... (me, cynical... never... :lol: )

    I dont usually get my post till hubby finishes as he takes it off the postman on our round.....

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