Mums that work full time

How do you cope? How do you honestly manage?

My LO is 11 months old today and im looking for part time work but there just isnt any around o i was wondering how difficult or hard it would be to go back full time?


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  • with dd1 i wanted to go back and although it was sad to leave her i was ready to go back when she was 8 months but this time with dd2 omg im dreading it and im back next monday and have been up since 5am this morning crying about it trying to figure out how to make ??12k so i dont have to image
  • There was a thread on here about this a while back, but can't remember who started it so that's no help!

    Maybe change the title to 'mums who work full time', as I thought you meant mums who are at home full time. xxx
  • **double post cus I'm so keen**

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  • i am dreading this too. i even have dreams about being back at work and hating it. image i could afford to go to 3 days, but it's f work will let me.
  • Coco I thought it meant sahm mums too, I was only being nosey.

    I'm going back 4 days, part of me is actually looking forward to it as I love my job but the practicalities of it make my brain hurt. Just trying to get LO organised for 1 day when I went in the office was a major mission.

    Only solution....get a maid

    Joking - I will have to become super organised though.
  • Hey i'm not going back yet but will be on 1st september.i'm dreading it image. I started a thread i'll bump it up. i think there was another one to image x
  • I've been back full time since my lo was 7 months old, over a year ago. It wasn't easy at first but I soon got in to a routine and now I'm just used to it. It's important to be organised though and I use a slow cooker a lot. I value the time with my daughter and husband so much. We go out for the day quite a lot. And the money is nice too!!
  • I am at work fulltime and have been since Haiden was 6 months- she is now just turned a year old. I would really like to not have to work full time but when we have number 2 there is no way we can put two in childcare so I will have to be at home. I consider working now to be getting a bit of money together (veeerrry slowly!) and making sure that I am still on a wage to be able to get a mortgage for a bigger house when we decide to go ahead for number 2

    I do find it hard- I work all day and then have my daughter to look after and a house to try and keep some level of tidy, and to be honest I don't get much help

  • i worked full time after Ellie was born and loved going back, it was my time away to be normal again and then i actually enjoyed her more once i was at home, now Lucie is born i will just go back part time because child care for 2 will be impossible to pay, other than that id love to go back full time too!
  • hi,
    I went back 4 days a week last month and I know it's not quite the same as full time but I find it not too bad.
    I'm enjoying my work but do miss LO lot's but as the weeks go on I find myslef not thinking about him every second!
    I am quite tired but I try to be super organised. My LO is in bed by 6.30pm so that gives me time to cook
    My OH often tidies as I cook or clean.
    i try to set a task for each night, such as Mondays are ironing etc.
    I would say it's not so bad as I've also just started going back to aerobics twice a week in the evenings too, to get me out of the house and this has given me more energy as well.
    good luck
  • nessie i used to do that when i was working (off on mat leave with ds2 now) i had set days for cleaning tasks it hepled me keep on top of it - dreading going back to work am hoping they will let me do my prep and marking at home so i'll only have to go in for my actual contact hours so will work the same hours but can do some at home xx
  • I feel like I work full time, 30 hours plus dropping off babba etc. I leave the house at 8am and get in at 4.30pm!

    It's hard, my house is a mess, I'm tired and I have endless guilt at leaving her but I manage!

    Our superhero power as women is the ability to adapt to whatever life throws at us.

    I come home from work and spend most of that time playing, When she goes to bed I start on the housework but some nights I think sod it and watch TV or read a book.

    You will figure it out hun! Good luck

  • Ive only been back full time for 4 weeks and now im on 6 week holiday so cant use too much prior experience, but ill tell you how i found those 4 weeks.

    As much as i enjoyed working 3 days and having Ollie the other 2, i havent noticed too much of a difference. I hate leaving him and going to work, but i know i have to do it for him to have a good life. Plus it allows me time away and i can honestly say i feel good going to work as its something thats mine. Yes i talk about Ollie and the children always ask about him, but working gives me the freedom to do my thing. Its almost made me a better parent, i love spending time with him after work, im always playing with him and i enjoy the time i spend with him. Whilst i loved maternity leave i began to get a little bored and resentful. I wouldnt always play with Ollie and i lost motivation to do fun stuff with him. Now, he plays with other children at nursery, spends time with his Grandparents and cousins AND he gets Mummy & Daddy in evenings and at weekends who do so much stuff with him. We make sure the weekends are about family time, been taking him to soft play, play parks etc.

    I must add i do cheat slightly and have family friend come and clean for me every other week. It just helps with the housework etc. I still do a clean, just every so often and it means im not tied to cleaning every week.

    Ive tried to make sure im super organised so work doesnt get in the way of Ollie time. Its actually shown me i think i thrive on being busy.....i never thought that was me before having a baby!

    It is hard Steph, but if you can be organised and know your doing it for a better life for you, JJ and hubby you'll do just fine xxxxx
  • Its difficult sweetheart, but sometimes needs must and we have to give it a go! I now work 35 hours a week (5 of those from home). and my lo is 2 1/2. I went back to work when he had just turned 1.

    I must say that I do have a cleaner who does ironing too, and I wouldn't be without her. Fortunately, we can afford to keep her, and it does make an enormous difference.

    I just find that i need to be massively organised. A massive calendar is a must for all dates and appointments otherwise I would forget as there is so much going on in my head!

    Like I organise what we will wear in advance so that (and I know this is going to sound silly), I am able to put on and dry a load of reds and pinks before my lovely ironing lady comes so I know that will be ironed for the next week. Lo and I wear different tops with red in them for 3 days in a row, and then wears different tops with blue in them for 3 days in a row, and then green tops so that I can organise doing full loads at regular intervals! Ha ha.

    I do my supermarket shopping on line and have it delivered every week really early in the morning so that it is out of the way.

    I buy so much other stuf in bulk like I will buy loads of cards cheap from places like The Book People, and loads of childrens books from there or from red house and I have them in the cupbaord so that there are always birthday presents for other kids at home ready throughout the year.

    I do loads of on line shopping for lo's clothes and shoes. I cook in bulk and freese things and take something out of the freezer before I go to work on my working days so that dinner is more or less sorted (just bung it in the oven) when I get home.

    That kind of thing.

    And then we have lots of time to spend at weekends and on my other days together! We really enjoy swimming, the park, beach, soft play, meeting up with friends, simply having our lunch out and getting the train home (lo is obsessed by all things train and station related) ...

    Good luck with whatever you decide x
  • Thanks Ladies this has been really helpful i think its just the thought of how its going to work and what ifs. Im sure once im back in it will all work out fine and will eventually become the norm!!! xxx
  • I think it depends what your job is- how demanding, how long the hours are, level of responsibility, working conditions. It also depends what your hubby does and how you split the chores, childcare etc... I've worked full time so far in my career but have always found it tough due to the nature of the job, so I'll be going part-time when I go back when LO is 9 months old.
    Best of luck x
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