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sleeping with dummy

i woke up this morning feeling better than i have in 3 and half weeks, got 6 hours sleep yee ha, only problem was hmy lo slept longer using a dummy, i read somewhere that if your baby sleeps with a dummy that it is dangerous to put them to bed without one, does anyone know anything about this and do you let yours sleep with and without a dummy. dont know if im now starting a bad habit but need sleep.:roll:


  • Hi Chucky, How old is your little one? My son is 2 and 3 months and still has his dummy at night. I don't feel in any rush to get rid of it till he is three, he doesn't have it during the day just at night and he is a great sleeper. I suppose some will say you are getting in to a bad habit but hey if you are getting a good nights sleep that is all that matters at the moment!! us mums cope better with better sleep! I personally don't have a problem with dummys if it gives a child comfort. Karyn x
  • Hi chucky, isn't it amazing how good you feel after a few solid hours sleep! I have also heard the report that says once they have a dummy they should not sleep without it, but the risks were so tiny I do't think it is an issue. My lo has a dummy, I only use it to settle him when nothing else will work, and if he does go to sleep with it he always spits it out in his sleep. Like Karyn said, I wouldn't worry about bad habits, and as you said you need to sleep to be able to look after you children (who are gorgeous in your pic by the way). Do what is right for you.xx
  • hi, my wee man is only 3 and half weeks, i know im worrying over nothing, your right need sleep to stay sane, if he keeps staying settled then just going to keep at it. thanks suzaie its not a great pic can hardly make them out your lo is soooo cute why can they not stay that size forever.
  • I've just read a report in a magazine that a dummy can reduce cot death because they are sucking constantly with one in which means they are less likely to stop breathing how true this is i don't know??? but my little one only has it for sleeping as its my personal bug bear that mums shove a dummy in a soon as their baby makes a noise AAARGGH!!! lol but if it helps him sleep and gives him the comfort he needs to have a good nights sleep then i'm all for it!!
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