Baby in own room from Day 1?


I'm currently pregnant with our first and we feel quite strongly about Baby sleeping in his own room from the first day...I know this is an emotive subject but we live in a small house so ultimatly the baby's room is directly next to ours so I reason not much different from other people in larger houses having babies in their own!

Has anybody else given baby their own room from day 1? If you have I'd love your advice and / or suggestions!




  • both my ds's were in room with me in moses basket ds 1 until 9 months (lived with dad so no choice until me and oh bought our own house lol) ds2 is 15 weeks and still in besude me.

    One thing I would say abouthaving them in beside you is its dead handy if your bfing as you dont have to get out of bed lol

    just do whateve feels right for you mrs as long as you and your family are happy thats all that matters, although once born you may not be able to part a night lol good luck xx
  • Hi - my LO went into her own room after about 1 week as neither me or her could sleep !! Her room was next to ours too and to be honest I didn't feel guilty as we took all the same precautions we would have taken if she were in our room. It also means you never have to go through the 'moving' problems that some people get when they do move them as they are so used to being in with you. Do what you feel comfortable with. S XX
  • We put our dd in her own room from day one, and have had no problems at all. I know the recommendation is to have lo in with you for the first 6 months, but we didn't want to have possible problems with moving dd from our room to her own after 6 months. We wanted her to know her own room and her own surroundings right from the start, so she knew that if she was in there then it meant that it was time for sleep.

    She is now 20 weeks old and sleeps from 6:30/7pm straight through until around 7:30/8am. Even in the early weeks she only woke once or twice in the night, had a feed then went straight back to sleep.

    I think as long as you can hear baby and their room is safe then I don't see the problem. Well it worked for us anyway.

  • One of the reasons it is recommended for baby to sleep with you at first is that it can reduce cot death as the baby copies your breathing patterns. Also in the early weeks, babies can be up a lot in the night and it would be a hassle to leave the room. I used to have the moses basket next to my bed so I could just drag him sleepily into the bed, but I breastfed so that's different. I guess if you plan to bottle feed, you will need to get up anyway.
  • We've had LO in moses basket in with us until now, but she's being moved into her cot in the nursery along the landing in 2wks when we get back from hols - she'll be 14wks. Mainly as she's outgrown the moses basket and we dont have room for a cot in our bedroom. I think as long as you have a decent baby monitor, like the Angelcare one which monitors their breathing, then its fine to have them in a different room. x
  • Perhaps I didn't phrase it correctly but research shows that a baby's breathing is regulated by hearing your breathing and they learn from you. I am not up all night waiting to hear if my baby is breathing!!
  • I doubt that a 6 month old would have problems with the transition, they aren't really typically old enough to understand seperation anxiety, and if (like most families) the baby goes to bed first and parents come up to bed later, it will be no different once they are in their own room. Yes, the surroundings are different but lo's might go through a fair few room/house changes in their lifetime so I don't think it is anything to worry about. Our ds was in with us until 16 months - Next time we will have to do it a LOT earlier (practically from birth) as there's simply nowhere in our new room to put a cot, as we have a kingsize bed now x
  • There was a thread on here recently and it was mentioned that baby being in the room with parents could help preven cot death and it was something to do with the baby hearing noises in its sleep, for example its parents breathing, a ticking clock etc. Although nobody knows what exactly causes cot death so it was not set in stone. Katels I know what you are trying to say because I definitely read it on a link here too.
    Sorry Mande I don't have any experience of this but I would say do what you feel is right hun, and as you say the baby won't be far away. X
  • Also just wanted to add that I am not saying the info I read on here was correct/fact, just wanted to say that I definitely remember reading it on here recently. x
  • My HV told me the same as Katels has said already - she said according to research the sound of the parent breathing almost 'reminds' the baby to breathe as she put it! x
  • We put our little one in her cot in her own room at 9 weeks. I wanted to do it sooner but oh was dead against it. We had such a disturbed nights sleep as did lo waking up at every little noise. We put her in her cot & haven't looked back. She might wake up & go back to sleep very quickly but we usually don't hear her, but before heard her all the time.

    Do what's best for u!!

    Jayne xx
  • We put our little one in her cot in her own room at 9 weeks. I wanted to do it sooner but oh was dead against it. We had such a disturbed nights sleep as did lo waking up at every little noise. We put her in her cot & haven't looked back. She might wake up & go back to sleep very quickly but we usually don't hear her, but before heard her all the time.

    Do what's best for u!!

    Jayne xx
  • i actually never expected to get a good nights sleep once i had a baby!

    if you have done the research and know the risks then its really down to you.
  • I've started transitioning Amelia to her nursery at 11 weeks. She starts off the night with us and when she wakes for her 4am feed, I move her into the nursery for the last 3 hours. To be honest it's more for me than her as I can't stand the idea that she's not with me but I appreciate that my OH is a noisey sleeper and can sometimes wake her up.

    I am thinking of moving Amelia into the nursery permanently when we come back from Cornwall when she'll be just over 14 weeks.
  • i wouldnt until at least 6 wks of age at earliest, the risk of cot death is highest before 6 wks- thats not to worry you hun just giving you all info.
    6 months in my opnion then into own room with monitor is my personal experience.
  • My advice do what you feel is right for you & family If it works fab if you change your mind & have lo in your room fab It's not set in stone,parenting is all about what works for you & family,We used to put dd upstairs by herself at 6 wks then put her in her own room when she was 10wks,I just kept her in our room to start off with as it was easier for us good luck whatever you choose to do xoxo
  • with our LO he was in his own room from 6 weeks, with our next we will do it a lot earlier, we found we both slept much better as hubby esp was disturbing him. LO one is also a loud sleeper so i got very little sleep even when he did

    as for the reducing cot death issue, we have a loud ticking clock that is suppose to have the same effect as listening to you x
  • you haven't said WHY you feel strongly that baby should be in its own room?

    I'm not being funny but I really hope it's a reason other than the fact that baby might disturb your sleep, that's what babies do, there's absolutely no point in trying to keep things as they were before, it's not possible!

    I apologise if you have a very good reason, personally I would never have dreamt of not having lo next to me in the same room, if there was even the tiniest tiniest chance that something might happen to her and I might not hear because she's in another room then hell no, she's still next to me at 18 weeks. Also, for a breastfed baby to sleep 3 hours between feeds is good, if you have to get up every 2-3 hours every night and go into another room its going to be much more tiring than leaning over into a moses basket next to your bed?

    Also when lo came home for the first week or so she was still bringing up a lot of fluid, it sounded like she was choking all the time and it was really scary, she also needed turning and propping up a couple of times to stop her choking, again, easier and less scary because i could keep an eye on her next to me, just a thought...
  • Thank you everyone for your replies - it's good to see other people have also done this - very reassuring. Ultimatly, it's our aim, but I guess who knows how I'll actually feel until I bring baby home!!!
  • I have a feeling that once your baby arrives you'll want him or her within touching distance, they're so precious and you'll be so filled with love that it'll be hard for you to even put the tiny bundle down! You'll also be so exhausted that the short distance to the nursery several times a night will feel like a mile!

    Are you concerned that lo won't eventually be able to settle in their own room? Xx
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