swine flue vacine. Should i give it my 10 month old or not?

i've been sent a letter asking me to i take my 10 month old son to have the swine flue vaccine, Although i have had the vaccine myself i dont know if i want my son to have it.


  • I was umming and ahhing about the vaccine myself - and even posted on the above thread saying that I had no problems with Matthew having the jab. As it came closer to today, i started to get misgivings and heard lots of tales of people not giving their lo's the vaccine for various reasons.

    Matthew had the jab today. I cried as he had it (but then I'm a complete wuss with a serious needle phobia) but he was completely fine with it - he flinched, but didn't cry. So far (touch wood) he's been absolutely fine - no temperature, grouchiness or anything. Obviously I will keep an eye on him to see how he goes, but I'm glad he had the vaccine as he's much much safer being vaccinated than leaving it to chance and him getting seriously ill with actual Swine Flu.

    hth xxx
  • were not just because theres not much of it around at the mo, it migrates so by next year the vaccine may not be affective, tthey can still get swine flu even with the jab too.

    also the fact that its a new vaccine so no body knows yet what any long term side effect will be.

    my friend is a drug safety speciallist and she said its never been testedon pregnant woman and children and that the US and Canada arnt authorising the vaccine.

    even tough iv decide not too it sill worries me if she gets it and is seriously poorly x x x
  • me and my 10 month old are going for ours on the 17th!xxx as poppygirl said i'd rather he have the jab than contract swineflu!xx but its completely up to u!xxx
  • I'm sure I stuck my opinion in on the other thread :lol: but my two have had theirs now. Millie complained of a sore arm for the rest of the day, but was otherwise fine. Barney has been a grumpy sod all week (they had them on Saturday) but he seemed like he was starting with a bit of a cold before it was done, so we don't know if it's the cold, or the jab that's made him grumpy. Neither of them cried at all when it was done, although Millie did say ow! I'm glad they were done, I still haven't seen anything to suggest there is any risk attached to the jab, and I now know that I've done my best to protect them against what could be a really serious illness for them.
  • Just to add, because other people were typing at the same time as me image
    They CAN'T test the vaccine on either pregnant women or children as the code of ethics that govern drug testing forbid the testing on these groups. The only thing they can do is collect data from long term use of the vaccine in these groups. However the vaccine is based on the seasonl flu jab which has been given to pregnant women and children for years, with no reported serious side effects.
  • ---my friend is a drug safety speciallist and she said its never been testedon pregnant woman and children and that the US and Canada arnt authorising the vaccine.----

    no medication or vaccines etc etc are ever tested on pregnant, breastfeeding women or children, ever. its unethical and it is not allowed in any country for any reason.
  • Emski, I'm not sure where you friend's information comes from because the US has definitely authorised the vaccine and is aiming at 75% coverage for the under 5s. Three friends of mine in various parts of the States have had their children vaccinated.
  • The lady my mum works for recieved an email from a friend who is a chemist, and told her not to have it done or to let her small son have it. Apparently, he said that the vaccine contains mercury and another heavy metal, it can also cause serious brain damage too among other things. Also he told her, that if any of these side effects do occur that the drug company IS NOT TAKING ANY RESPONSIBILTY FOR ANY OF THE SIDE AFFECTS. Which in itself is rather fishy to me. So no none of us will be having it, I'm not prepared to take the risk tbh.

    P.S I'm not trying to scare to stir anything up here either this is what I've been told!

  • hi again, i agree with wannabump....after having booked ds in for his swine flu vaccine for wednesday 17th feb i went on holiday to see the in laws, came back on the sunday prior and was greeted with my sister telling me my mum phoned her (they haven't spoken to each other since feb last yr!!) to ask her to persuade me out of the vaccine, altho my sister doesn't agree with any vaccines (her kids have had none of them bar the 8wk,12wk and 16wk)she accepted ds is my son not hers or my mums and we all have our own ways and views and its our chioce and didn't give me her opinion. then monday my step dad phones me up saying 'ur mums asked me to phone u aboput the swine flu vaccine' then proceeded to tell me how she's worried sick blah blah because some idiot who she works with wife works for a big pharmaceutical company (not sure i can name the company but it beins with a P lol) and she's not giving it to her kids as she believes its not tested enough...now thanks to her words of wisdom my mum is now trying to convince me not to go thru with it (had to push it back to next wed,24th, as ds has a cold) and tbh i'm thoroughly peed off and wish i cld give this woman a piece of my mind, fair enough she doesn't wnat her kids to have it but how dare she tell my mum to stop me letting ds have it. i've since pointed out lots of the facts pro vaccine, inc that its not been 'not tested enough' (grrrr) to my mum and she agreed to drop it (begrudgingly) and let me choose for my son what i thnk is best, but this woman was offering her 'professional' opinion and she shldn't have been....i'm still fuming about it now, not least because i'm somewhat ofended that my parents seem to think that OH and i were just giving it to ds on a whim and didn't credit us with enough integreity to make a well informed decision ourselves.
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