whats the best adult breakfast cereal for a 1 year old?

So far we've had cheerios and weetabix but wondering if there is anything else suitable? X


  • They can have anything - but watch the sugar content, as a lot of cereals aimed at children, are packed with sugar.

    Things like: Rice crispies, weetabix, Oatabix, ready-brek, cornflakes, are all good.
  • just to add to what nikkiandneil said, it's nto just the sugar, most 'family' cereals have a fair bit of salt added...shredded wheat, porridge and weetabix are generally ok tho..was going to buy ds (nrly 1) some cheerios this week as a breakfast finger food xx
  • we've given maddie weetbix (it's spelt without the 'a' in australia, LOL) since she was 10months and she has it EVERY day, with milk (NO sugar), and she LOVES it! It's got something like 2% sugar already (recommended amount is less than 10%).

    How about Porridge with something fruity and sweet on top?
  • You can buy special baby porridge, I have seen it in Sainsburys.
  • Ready brek. I make a little fruit compote from frozen fruit and mix that in. My lo loves it.

    So far he's refused to even try cheerios or any other cereals. S x
  • g/c but my ds now 5 always had and still does either weetabix or porridge we vary by adding different fruit he loves it he gets a 'bad' cereal at the weekend as a treat!
  • ready brek and weetabix, porridge is good for 1 year old then going onto rice crispies, cherrios etc,

    dds is now 2 1/2 and also like cornflakes and crunchy nut cornflakes but I will only do those with hot milk so the flakes go soft quickly so he doesn't choke
  • we tend to stick to weetabix and porridge, want to try him with shreddies when i remember to buy some...he eats cheerios dry as a snack lol x
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