Weight Watchers vs. Simming World


Just wondered if anyone had tried both and what they found to be the easiest/most successful?


  • I've done both and managed to lose weight on both too!!! Each time I lost about 2 and a half stone and it took about 6 months....

    In my opinion both are good systems and I think cost similar amounts of money... They both offer group support, recipes and websites with supporting info. Your choice is really affected by how you like to approach your food. Here's my lowdown on both!

    Choose what you want to eat to a maximum number of points every day - what you eat is up to you but lower cal foods are naturally lower in points etc so drives you to eat more healthily. You get more points the heavier you are and if you are breastfeeding! You used to get bonus points if you exercised too! Pushes you down route of eating smaller portions of lower cal food and encourages you to exercise also (as you're rewarded with points).
    Pluses - Easier to have a family meal on this diet and I found you naturally end up eating less food
    Minuses - Portion sizes and weights are important (tho I never bothered to weigh anything and just guessed).

    Slimming World
    Essentially a food combining and reduced caloried diet. Works around Red and Green days; Red for protein Green for carbs. On a Red day eat lots and lots of protein but next to no carbs, reverse is true for Green days. Encourages you to eat plenty... eat your fill of all the free foods for each Red or Green day. You can eat up to 15 sins a day - so a Cadbury's Flake might be 12 sins for example.
    Pluses - You can eat more (volume) of food as portion sizes aren't an issue. Can still have treats through the Sins
    Minuses - Family meals are harder if you're not combining carbs and protein - so Spaghetti Bolognese or Shepherds Pie is out!

    Of the two I'd probably do Slimming World again... only because I like my food and you can eat more! But then I did give up eating bread on SW and it did take a while to adjust to combining your food for the various days. Good luck with whichever one you choose!!
  • im not sure about weight watchers
    but with slimming world you dont have to do it red days then green days. you can have every day red, every day green. do the red then the green or you can just have a red meal then a green meal you can mix it any way you want. there is also the extra easy on both.
    The list if free foods on all are really long and you can eat as much of these as you want. then as handbag on the red day or meal you can eat as much protein as you like then on green as much cars as you like. you are aloud to mix protein and carbs as well. you then have you healthy extras for each day which includes things like bread, cheese, Cereals then you have your syn. the syn value of things can alter depending on weather you are doing red, green or extra easy.

    On Wednesday i finished my first week on i lost 7lb doing it
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