motivational lose weight thread.

Hi it was discussed on another post about starting a new year diet and someone came up with the fab idea that we could motivate each other weekly by keeping a thread running and sharing success, downfall, recipes, tips stories and such.
so for all you thinking of starting a new weightloss programme in the new year and are in favour of starting a thread/group say I


  • I

    i really need to start again, i was on a diet before i got pregnant and dropped from a size 26 down to a size 18 then my weight started to go back up but it turned out i was 3 months pregnant so that was why it was going up, charlie is now only 4 weeks and 6 days old was going to start the diet again when he was 6 weeks but have decided to weight till the new year.
  • I have two extra sizes worth of bottom and at least three sizes of tummy to shed... please let me join too image

  • I'll join too! Got a few sizes to lose before I'll be happy on my holiday to Thailand in June!!
  • Im up for that, id decided to wait until my 6 week check up which has now come through for the 2nd Jan i need to lose at least a stone.
  • I!!!!!

    I need to lose a stone too. I was a size 10 but im now a 14. Due to the credit crunch i cant afford new clothes so need to get back in my old ones lol. Since im only getting my 6 week check at 8 weeks (week before xmas) i may aswell wait til after xmas. May need to lose a bit more by then.
  • iiiiiiiiii
    before i was preg i was 11 stone and wanted to be 10.7 then!! then i went up to 14 stone!!! after i had jayden i went down to 11.11 then got pregnant again but had miscarrige so couldent excersize, im now 12.3 i need motivating it is sooo hard!! x
  • Agreed last night and agree again tonight!!!! Motivation and will power is what I need! This Dawn French wants to slim down sensibly to a curvy type person-can't think of anyone famous who's curvy! Great idea x
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