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Afternoon Ladies.

Ethan is 9 months old now, and althought he can never rolls over in the day, he found out he could at 15 weeks and never did it again, hates it! so we also have no signs what so ever of crawling. Anyway he likes sleeping on his side, we lay him on his back but opts for his side by himself, only problem now is that he rolls onto his front, and then cry's as he really dislike being on his front. How can i stop him? with no exaggeration i was up to him 15 times last night due to rolling on his front. Now normally i don't mind as i share the duty with Hubby but he's away this week in India with work, so i'm shattered and it's only Monday!

Any help will be appreciated image


  • i never found anything that stopped him, it soon turned into a game for our LO, a week of crying then a week of laughing and shouting to be rolled over, now he just moves as he wants and we leave him to it until he goes to sleep in the postion he likes best, it will get better although it doesnt seem it now x

    just wanted to add our LO only rolled in bed never in the day and just under a couple of months on from that he is a speedy crawler

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  • Thanks PP.
    Strange that Ethan stays fast asleep, just yells or cries and we know he's on his front, roll him back over and all is fine again. But 15 times up and down, if nothing will help the leg muscles haha
  • hehe,

    its quite bizarre that they sleep through the crying!!
  • After reading this, I knew there was a thread from bimc, so have just found it...they ended up buying this....

  • Ooh, us too!! Iona has just started rolling in her cot, and ending up crying on her front, so I'm up every time she cries during the night now in case she's done it again. Am trying to leave her sometimes in the hope that she'll work out how to roll back, but no such luck yet. She also seems to have given up trying to roll during the day, and hates tummy time, so good to know that it shouldn't affect her progressing to crawling.

    And I feel your pain re. doing it yourself - DH in Falklands till end of Nov...knackered doesn't even *begin* to cover it ha ha!! x
  • My little boy has just started this too... so not fun at 4 in the morning!
    Wouldn't mind but he doesn't roll during the day!
    Feel your pain of being on own too... hubby works away all week and is only back at weekends and i swear my little man behaves at weekends and plays up in the week for me! oh for some sleep!
  • Try rolling up two towels and placing them on either side of him (underneath the sheet so they can't move and he can;t get to them). Works the same way as a baby positioner but much cheaper
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