FAO Mum to 1.

You said on my 'Snow' post that you were easterly. Where abouts? Although don't give exact location!! Email me if you want!!



  • Oh no don't think we're near you I'm afraid chuck. I'm up North, near'ish to Newcastle but hey anyway! Soooo looking forward to the snow. I've done all me shopping so we can settle in for it, play out and then come in for hot chocolate. I LOVE the snow well and the realated food! x
  • Oh, sorry! Thought you said you were from the East :lol: Jacks only 13 weeks old, can I still use babybrain as an excuse? lol! Well heres hoping we're covered in white stuff in the morning!!

  • Not baby brain at all love! 13 weeks -God feels like Alf was that age just yesterday! Jack looks like such a cutie. Think we should post photos of the white stuff-no children in them etc (obviously) maybe just the view from our windows! Have me fingers crossed. x
  • I deleted my avatar but for some reason it hasnt gone! As soon as we get some I shall post pic!!

    *Holds glass up* and says 'Heres to snow'

  • Clink, clink, glug, glug!x
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