can i change my surname on sons birth cert?

Hello all,

well the title kinda says it all -

does anyone know if its possible, if i can change MY surname on my sons birth certifcate?

anyone else done this?

(my son and now husband have the same surname cause we always intended to get married)



  • Yep you can - i keep meaning to do Ollie's as we had to register him before we got married.
    However, cant remember now if there is a time limit on it though... :\?

  • yeah u defo can. there is a form you need to get from registry office and there is no time limit.
  • If your children are born before you are married and then you marry the childs father then you have to re-register the births and get a new birth certificate, I only know this because me and hubby had 3 children before we got married and the registrar who married us told us.
  • i dont quite get why u would want to? if i had brooke out of marriage so had grange on her birth dertifiate then married rob... i dont see why it would matter that it has ur maiden name on it?
    as far as im aware u cant change anything on a birth certificate. and also if u re register the birth how wud u explain to ur kids why the birth certificate is signed however many years after they were born?
    sorry just my opinion it seems unnessecary hassle..
  • The registrar told me it was law that you had to re-register when you get married, personally i wasnt bothered by it and it is a little odd as my sons birth certificate is now dated 10 years after he was born but as it is a legal requirement we had to do it.
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