Which baby sling should I get?

I am going to centre parcs in a few weeks and want to get a baby sling for my ds who will be 6 weeks old when we go. Can anyone recommend a good sling. There are so many different sorts I just don't know where to start.




  • Ooh not sure on sling but I love center parcs and going in couple weeks too image

    Elvedon one xx
  • I have a Close one and its by far my best baby buy! My baby loves it and it goes everywhere with us!

    Have a lovely time!
  • We have the baby Bjorn carrier and its brilliant, very supportive for baby and mummy (or daddy)
    have a great time x
  • if you want a good sling that baby will be able to be in for long periods of time and will last through till they are a todler then go for a mei tai slings. they are sat in a proper position rather than dangling by their crotch in tomy/bjorn type carriers
    my 17month old is over 2 stone and i can still carry her around in my sling and not feel her weight and i have really bad back problems.

    and 'bedhead' on here makes them, google mooboo carriers
  • I had a Tomy one (forget which exact one) but didn't find it to be very supportive, the got a Baba sling but dd hated it and finally tried the Baby Bjorn and we both loved it! I don' drive so always out walking and was able to go for hours without being tired and she never seemed in any way uncomfortable. But I only used it for first year as was pregnant again so would back up sleepybeccie in that it depends on what/ how long would use it for.
    If know anyone who has any I would recommend borrowing to see which suits you before forking out x
  • i have to agree with corky, i too have a close one and think its fab, i know its a bit pricey but its well worth the money, my lo is 6 months and i've just started using it facing outwards and she loves it. i also find it doesn't give me back ache like other slings i've had in the past xx
  • just a quick note, that you really shouldnt wear your baby facing outwards! its not good for thier backs unless you are completely flat chested!

    good thing with mei tais is you can use them if your heavly pregnant too!
  • I recommend either BabyBjorns or Close baby carriers - both are brilliant. I didn't like any of the countless others I tried!

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  • I liked my moby wrap when he was little but about 8 weeks we got into mei tais - he gets carried lots of places in it.
  • I agree with sleepybeccie that a meitei style is best for baby and also incredibly comfortable for the wearer. When I first started using a sling, I was daunted by the idea of tying a meitei so I got a Connecta carrier which is the same style but closes with buckles. It comes with a strap to narrow the bottom of it when they're younger. I find mine so comfortable and Monty adores being carried in it. It is the best buy I made image. They also come in lovely designs. If you aren't put off by the thought of tying a meitai then google melkaj slings - the most exquisite slings I've ever seen! I'll be investing in a knew one when I'm expecting our next!
  • Quick question- how do you carry your changing bags? Normally I would put mine over the pram but if you haven't got a pram with you where do you put it? Xx
  • Quick question- how do you carry your changing bags? Normally I would put mine over the pram but if you haven't got a pram with you where do you put it? Xx

    extend the strap on your nappy bag and where is across your front tucking it out of the way of the sling, or i use a rucksack
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