Tummy Tubs - your opinions?

Hello ladies,

As we don't have a bath in our house, I am looking at baby baths, and a Tummy Tub has been suggested to me.

I've watched the promo video on the Tummy Tub website, and although it looks a little strange, I can see the logic in it!

I was just wondering what you ladies thought if you had one?

I'm between a tummy tub and a normal baby bath.

Thanks ladies

Rucky 25 & 6


  • We have one for our son (now 17 weeks) and he LOVES it! Last week he managed to stand up all on his own in it by wedging his feet against one side and leaning back on the other, he had a huge proud grin on his face.
    It's not that easy to bath him in it on my own but normally bath him with hubby anyway so not a problem. And we have a bath support for getting in the big bath with him. It's fab for explosive poo emergencies as you can fill it in a couple of minutes and it must save loads of water too. I love that you can see his little feet and stuff through it too. Should last him a good while yet and he is a big fat pudding at 17 pounds already!
  • I loved our tummy tub! My lo had colic and it was fab at helping her bring up wind! She loved it because the water came right up around her shoulders and kept her warm. It was also great because it was light to lift from the sink - unlike the baby bath which i used once and managed to spill the water everywhere! lol

    She was in it from a week old (she was nearly 9lbs so quite a sturdy girl!) and i put her in the big bath at 12 weeks - i think she was about 11lbs then. She could have stayed in it longer but she was a splasher and had more room in the big bath!

    Here is a pic of my lo in hers image


  • My LO loves his tummy tub. I wanted a more conventional bath at first but my husband liked the tummy tub so I went with it and never looked back. LO can sit up in it with a little help, and at 12 weeks old he still has loads of space left. Go for it!
  • Toby loved his, was great for settling him and calming him down in the evenings when he was tiny and quite fractious.

    He grew out of it quickly tho - so maybe a more conventional bath might be better suited?

  • Adam *loves* his tummy tub! He hated all other kinds of bath when he was small (baby bath and big bath) so it was a real life saver for us! He now loves bathtime wherever we put him and is so confident and relaxed in the water.

    We have just moved him into the big bath (he is 16 weeks old), as he kept trying to put his feet over his head in the tummy tub! Which was funny, but slightly dangerous when he was all slippery! image

    I would definitely recommend it.

  • we used the tummy tub loads in the first 3 months. I loved it as it meant LO was kept warm as water up to shoulders, plus quick and easy to fill and uses far less water than a conventional baby bath. LO loved it too.

    However I was not confident bathing LO on my own so me and OH always did it together so one could hold him and one could wash him. in those days we didn't really have a set routine though so it didn't matter what time bathtime was. I still use it now to dunk LO's bottom half after a particularly bad nappyimage
  • Hi Rucky,

    Sorry to G/C your thread but I was reading through and thought I would have a look on youtube - have a look at this if you get chance - - OMG, so so cute. They look brill - I'm off to buy one tomorrow!!!

  • Definitely my LO loved hers, I was torn between a baby bath and a tummy tub and I'm go glad I chose the tub!
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