Jason 10 months now & is really getting to know what he likes & dislikes (what he dislikes he throws on the floor!!)
so far he likes: the organix carrot puffs, weightwatchers brown bread in both sandiches and toast! also i'm afraid to admit we've given him white choc buttons!!! n he's adores them! n he likes quavers!

what are your lo's fav foods?
be interesting to which foods other lo like so i can try jason on em!!!


  • Gabe loves pears, grapes, rice cakes with cheese spread or jam on, sandwiches (marmite, cheese spread, jam), toast, organix carrot crisps, baby biscuits like the organix ones or the biscotti...all finger foods really...He also loves yogurt, I think it's become an obsession!

    Oh but his favourite thing is ... tea!!! Not in a bottle but on a dummy...not my choice to give him this though, but he loves it so much I might put him some in his cup hehe xxx
  • Tyler LOVES watermelon!

    Hayley - I am also guilty of milk butons and quavers! lol xx
  • what sort of cheese do you give ava? apart from honey it the only thing we've not given jason yet? tried him with philadephia & bread sticks this afternoon for his snack n he loved it!
  • Zackys fav food has to be stew... and it doesnt matter if its homemade or out of a jar. LOL. He also likes alot of the puddings in the jars. Theres not alot he wont eat. Best thing is cheese sandwiches... he prefers other peoples to his own for some reason.

    He loves trifle as well.
  • Our lo is 7 months and he eats everything! Touch wood he hasn't refused anything he's just eaten less of it if that makes sense! He really likes the jar/packet of spinach, parsnip and basil which I was suprised at coz they're all quite srtong flavours. He also loves petitie felures (sorry bloomin') thingies and would also eat 2 at a go if I'd let him!
    We've just got some of the Ella's Kitchen stage 2 packets and he loves them only the fish pie to try yet! Have to say the fish pie I made he loved and ate very happily (I was so proud of myself considering I couldn't cook before he was born!) so I just hope he won't trun into a fussy eater!
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