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Vegi mum in need of help cooking chicken!!

I need a basic recipe using chicken fillets for my 8m baby. Any ideas??

Em x


  • A very simple one is chicken with potatos and a full tin of tomatos!!
    I'm not a meat eater either so I like simple!! I tend to just do meat with any mixture of veg and pots!!
  • roast/boil??? temp time??? im really clueless!
  • You could throw the tin toms and potatoes in a saucepan, bring to boil, and cut up the chicken fillets (or cook whole) and throw them in there then turn down to simmer away. I find this makes the chicken more tender for the los and gives some flavour. Ive also done this using chicken wings or drummies so they can hold them. Whenever you cook chicken you just need to slice it open and check that the meat has turned white - no pink bits. Then you know it's cooked. I always go by feel when I cook but I guess it might take 15-20mins on low simmer.

    If you bake chicken fillets it usually takes 20mins on 180 degrees (heat oven up before putting them in! ;\) )

  • I tend to do a batch of chicken, purree it and then add different things to it.

    Boil 2 chicken breasts with some chopped up onion in a stock cube (low salt veg or chicken, whatever you have), let them simmer for about an hour and they'll be cooked lovely.

    Blend the chicken with some of the stock out of the pan and put into ice cube trays for the freezer. Ideas for using afterwards -

    Chicken - mash, carrot
    Chicken - parsnip, new pot
    Chicken - cottage cheese & pasta
    Chicken - tomato & pasta
    Chicken - courgette & butternut squash
    Chicken - salad (tomato/cucumber/yoghurt)
    The list is endless, you can put it in with whatever takes your fancy.

    Might seem a bit of a fuss but it really is easy, takes 2 minutes to prepare, 5 minutes to blend/freeze and you'll have enough for several meals xx
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