retained placenta (maybe tmi)

Hi ladies. After I had my baby girl (10 days ago) I suffered alot of pain & large blood clots. It turned out that I had retained some placents & as a result had an infection in my womb. I ended up having an evac. My Q is, did any of you get cut/torn after the evac? I had a small tear after giving birth but had no stitches, the day after the evac however, i found some stitches - nobody told me about them!? Are they dissolvable or do I have to go bk to get them taken out? Also, how was your blood loss after? Mine seems quite heavy still & I assumed after an evac there wouldnt be much left? Thanks & sorry if tmi.

Elaine & brood xxx

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  • Sorry you had complications. If you are having heavy bleeding, give it a couple of days then ask your GP if it continues, I'd say. I haven't had the procedure for retained placenta (mmc instead), and the bleeding lasted a couple of weeks I think, but not really heavy.

    Your stitches should be disolvable. You can speak with your consultant up to 2 years after giving birth. So a couple of weeks is nothing, if you want to question anything!!

    Hope the bleeding stops soon. But ring for advice, or make an appointment if it's bothering you. xx
  • Hi,

    I had retained placenta after ds2 8m ago. It was removed manually in surgery 2 hours after he was born with a lot of clots. I tore during birth anyway, but they must have cut you as the surgeon had 2 hands right in me at one point (sorry tmi!). Stitches for me were the worst part abut giving birth, however they do heal quickly really and you shouldn't need them taking out.

    As for bleeding my loss was different to after ds1, then it was drak red and had little clots in it, it was heavy and lasted 3 weeks. with ds2 it was a creamy brown and gradually got lighter and lasted 5 weeks.

    Get checked out if you're unsure. They should have told you if you were having stitches so perhaps check that out too!


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  • thanks for the replies ladies. I wouldnt know who to spk to consultant wise. My MW is due round on Saturday, do you think she would know via my notes? Im sorry you both had to have the procedure both down to retained placenta & mmc. Its not the nicest thing to endure. Thanks again for your replies.

  • Also Nimmy - I was put out during my evac so wouldn't know how it was done but that does explain the bruised feeling and needing stitches. They're not very gentle are they?

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  • hi, i can't help personally but i know icecreamlover had retained plpacenta until her lo was 11months! perhaps she would be able to answer ur questions. hth xx
  • You should have a consultant linked to you, even if you didn't have to see them. Ask your midwife, otherwise someone else should know. Not sure, but try your GP or ante-natal clinic?

    I had period pain straight after waking from the anaesthetic. But the nice nurse gave me a lovely shot of Fentanyl. Didn't suffer any pain again after that!

    In my area, if you have to be sewn up for any reason, they fill out an incident form. Either way it will be in your antenatal book. Just a shame they change to a postnatal book.

    Hope you get somewhere. xx
  • Hiya

    So sorry to hear you have had RP. :\(

    I had lots left inside me, they tried the pills and then did a d&c at 2months post birth, then when the scans showed the RP was still there image they basically told me to go home and deal with it and see if it came out itself. I'd also had 7 courses of antibiotics by that point due to womb infections.

    My bleeding continued for 6 months after birth, there were very few days where i did not bleed, and it was intermittent, some days heavy, some days very light, medium some days inbetween... I finally got fed up of it again and went to the GP who could find no reason for it and re referred me to gynae.
    It took 3 1/2 months for the ref to go through as the gp had to show they couldnt find any reason what so ever for it, even though id never been discharged from gynae anyway post birth... numerous internals, bloods and examinations later and i finally got an app for gynae.
    Back at gynae they took me in for a hysteroscopy and biopsy 11 months post birth and found there was still a piece of placenta left in. they removed it and hey presto- been fine since. :roll:
    the biopsy has since come back and it has been confirmed that it was RP and not just a build up of cells.

    Not sure about the stitches, they never cut me although it was sore for a good few days after.

    My advice would be to speak to your MW and ask her to make you an appointment with the consultant, and maybe even a post birth talk. Ask the cons what happened.

    they should have scanned you again to make sure it has all been removed - if not ask for one.

    Hugs hon- its not nice.

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