Strange noises!

I posted a topic at the weekend about my lo's squealing but this week she's started to make some weird noises.

She keeps making a grunting/straining noise as though she's constipated, although she isn't as poos are normal. Her face sometimes goes a bit red too. Another noise she does makes her sound like Ann off Little Britain!!! :lol:

Have no idea why she's suddenly doing these (quite loud) strange noises. I'm hoping she's just experimenting with her voice!


  • does she do this at night or during the day? my son does this at night in his sleep - it is really loud and sounds like he is constipated or trying to bring something up but when you look at him he is peacefully asleep - it is really annoying!

  • She does it during the day when very alert.
    She is a quiet baby at night, always has been, just stirs a lot.

    I think she must be finding her voice as she is nearly 5 months, they just sound so strange to come from a little baby!!! lol!
  • harri make sthis straining noise too! i posted on here about it a while ago i dunno why he does it,,,i think it may be teeth pain! its so annoying! his poos are normal too .does she screw her face up at the same time? xx
  • Kian did it too, I think it's because they are finding their voice.
  • Sunnymum - she doesn't screw her face up a lot but she sometimes does pull a bit of a face as if she's concentrating if that makes sense?
    I'm glad I'm not the only one though!
  • My daughter make a grunting noise if she is frustraited or bored. Could it be that? She found her voice around the same time and loves 'shouting' in the mornings! She also has developed a great 'fake' cough which she thinks is very funny!!!
  • I think you could be right Jasmin, about the frustration. She does make these noises a lot when she's on her tummy. She kicks her legs a lot as well so don't know if she really wants to move along the floor and gets annoyed because she can't yet!
  • My ds started doing this! He's gone from squealing to keeping his mouth close and going "mmmmmmmmmmm" then grunting and he's now onto going "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" really loud! Like shouting. People must think I have an uncontrollable child! I was in a cafe the other day when he started doing it! He'd just figured out he could do it so was experimenting - quite loudly! :lol: But I know he's ok cos he has a huge grin on his face like hes really accomplished something xxxx
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