How do you ladies rate the Bugaboo Cameleon?

Hello there, g/c from pregnancy to see what your views are on the bugaboo cameleon. I've just ordered the limited edition all black model and would love to hear from anyone who has used it, good and bad! :\)


  • I love mine!!! It's so light and really easy to maneuver. The carry cot is lovely and cosy when they're small, and I really like the way LO can face you or away, if they're feeling nosy, when they go in to pushchair mode. Maxi Cosi adapters a must along with footmuff and cupholder image (I have also just seen you can get an Iphone holder that clips on to the handle bars, may have to invest!!!) Parasol OK, I do like it but never in the right place which seems to be a general thing for all parasols so don't think it's just Bugaboo ones.

    It is a bit cumbersome in your car, I had to change my beloved Beetle after 4 months as I just could not stand having to take the wheels off to get the base in the boot, and putting the top part on the back seat, I couldn't take passengers!! Also there is a real knack to getting the base up, but once you've got it, it's fine (although don't flick it open with stuff in the basket underneath as I find everything goes flying out!!) But on the whole, I feel the list of 'cons' is only small personal niggly things and certainly doesn't stop me recommending!!

  • Love mine! It's so light and easy to steer, can go one handed and manage an umbrella for myself in the rain. Ds is still in the carry cot and seems to be so comfy in there, looking forward to being able to face the seat either way.
    Parasol is a pain trying to get it in the right position, but seems to be a parasol issue not bugaboo. Only have to take one wheel off to get it in my Peugeot 206 boot, which is so easy I don't really mind. Maxicosi adaptors a must, so easy for popping into shops, although can't wait for them to release the adaptors for the pebble as lo seems much happier in it than than maxicosi. Collapsing is fine once you get the knack, but oh hasn't got the patience to do that yet lol x
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