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Opinions on baby walkers please!

My lo is nearly 6 months and loves being on his feet all the time. I have a jumperoo and he loves that but i was wondering about a baby walker.

I am not so concerned about bendy legs and accidents as my mother keeps telling me! He would only use it for short periods and i'm quite safety conscious anyway so he wouldn't be left alone in it.

What i do want to know is if you have one do you use it much? How long did your lo use it for? Any recommendations?

My only concern is that lo has been rolling for a while and in the last 2 days has started to get up onto all 4's so dont think it will be long before he is crawling. Did your lo's still use it when they were crawling? Do you think it aided or delayed walking?

So many questions as usual! Thanks xxx


  • We have one and jack loves it! Hes in it for a while some days and other days none at all. He can get around very well and yes hes had a few things down like he can pull over the toys on top of the toy box and he also pulled over the xmas tree and ate a glittery baubale! :roll:

    However I think its good for them as its teaching him to stand and he can already stand flat footed while holding onto the sofa, table, walker etc.

    I'd say get one, most definalty!

  • I did some research into baby walkers as we were planning to get Abby one for Christmas, as it turned out she had passed the baby walker phase by the time Christmas came so we didn't bother.

    I think that if a baby is allowed to crawl around the floor he will naturally want to pull himself up and move around exploring, this will quickly lead onto walking, If you use a baby walker they wont have the same urge to try to stand alone - so will probably mean they walk a bit later. IYKWIM?

    I don't think they are harmful, and your LO will let you know if they don't like it.
  • My lo is 9months he loved the jumperoo but hated it as soon as he started crawling. Literally the day after he could crawl he began pulling himself up and cruising. We borrowed a walker off our friends and he hated it. Do you have one you could try out before you buy your own?

    I personally think it's better to let lo move freely and explore without restriction but I'm sure there's lots of mummys who don't agree, you know your lo best xx
  • Hi - there is some research to prove that the walkers that they sit in can imped walking x - they recommend the push along ones more as it doesn't imped them in the same way x - we looked into it - as I remember my mum used to hate them and couldn't remember why lol x

    We settle instead on spending the money on one of the learning table things so he had something that would support his weight when he held on to it too stand if that makes sense, as at the mo the push along walkers would run away from him!
  • Hello all, firstly i have just ordered one for ;Lacey she is 8.5 months, she is my 4th child and i have had walkers for my first who started walking on her own at 11 months, my son did not have a walker and di not walk till he was 19 months my 3rd baby had one and she was walking at 12 months too, none of them have bendy legs or hip problems.. i think it is down to personal choice really, and what best suits your lo, not all of them like them ...
  • lola-mae has one and she absolutely loves it shes 7.5 months and is crawling ansd pulling her self up to standing shes very strong on her feet so i dont doubt she will walk early. my other 2 girls both had walkers too and have no problems with legs neither have there been any accidents so its very much personal choice i would see if you can try her in one first before you buy.

    heres lola in hers

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  • ok my pics not working lol xx
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