sore boobs :( any advice? also in BIM

hello. i have been bfing a week now and suffered a sore nipple at the start due to bad attachment while tired. i used a shield and lanolin and that's now healed but now the breast it is really painful. it feels full and sore. i keep waking up in the morning thinking baby is feeding from me, but she's still in her basket obviously! sleep nursing bras are painful too. i dont know what to do. i have resisted expressing it again as i dont want to produce more milk than baby needs and make it worse.

what should i do?


  • Hmm could be lots of things - eg engorgement, mastitis or thrush. Do you have any other symptoms? Does it hurt more/less during/after feeds?

    If it's just engorgement, cold cabbage leaves in your bra work wonders.

    If it's mastitis or thrush you need to see your GP asap to get treatment.

    I haven't had mastitis but I think you get flu-like symptoms with it as well. I have had thrush (in the ducts rather than the nipple) and it is excruciating both while feeding and in between feeds - if your LO has a white patch on her tongue that would point to thrush, as would any flaky skin around your nipple.

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  • Hi hun,

    Try going for a bath and putting a facecloth on your boob. Then gently massage the boob to release some of the milk. If it doesnt hurt during feeding you could try to feed just from that side for a couple of feeds to see if it helps.

    Hope this helps but if you feel feverish like charlotte says go and see your doctor.

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