Swapping to Bottles and have a few questions!


Ive decided to swap to bottle feeding as I was struggling to keep up with DS demands for milk! Just got a few questions, got very little info on bottle feeding from antenatal etc through pregnancy!

1) Ive got a microwave sterilizer, after its done, if I put toghter the bottles and leave them empty on the worktop will they be sterile still when I come to use them?

2) I was going to buy some of the tt milk powder dispensers for when we are out and about but was wondering if I could just put the powder in the sterile bottles then put the boiling water in when im out and he needs feeding?

Thanks in adavnce!

Steph and Harrison (5 days)


  • Hi

    We used a microwave steriliser when our lo was born and we had all these questions too.

    We were told by one of the health visitors/midwives (can't remember which) that once the bottles have been sterlised, if the lid has been taken off the steriliser, you need to use the bottles within an hour otherwise they need to be sterilised again, however if the lid has not been removed, you have 3 hours to use them before they need to be re sterilised., needless to say we have now swapped to a cold water steriliser using a milton tablet as we were fed up of sterilising bottles all the time!!

    As for going out we use the ready made cartons,more for convenience than anything.

  • Hi there,

    I was under the understanding that bottles remained sterile for up to 24hrs after being sterilised. That's what I always went with and DS has always been fine. Besides, if you were planning on being out all day you couldn't possibly carry a steriliser round with you.

    We also have the TT milk dispensers and that's exactly how I made my feeds. I always carry a flask of hot water with me if I am going to be out.

    HTH xx
  • hi,
    if you leave bottles in your steriliser its 3 hours if unopened but, if you assemble them after sterilising and make sure the lid is on proper they should stay sterile for up to 24 hrs.

    I have the tommee tippee powder dispensers, but I usually make my feed up in advance if im gonna be out, as I have the insulated bottle carriers, which keeps a feed from the fridge cold and a fresh made feed hot for a while!

  • hi you should put water in the bottles first not the powered otherwise you wont get the right amount of water so using the powered dispenser is a good idea just put water in bottle before emptying the power in.
    once sterilised and made up with ,lids on i was underimppression botrtles are sterile upto 24 hours xx
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