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Just wondering if you have any good toys for your los suitable from birth? My lo is 6 weeks and starting to get interested in objects but cant find any nice / suitable toys. I have a play mat that he enjoys lying on and looking at the lights and listening to the music so something with lights and/or music would be good but cant find any. I just want to have something other than his playmat for him to "play" with.

Emma x


  • Skye like her mobile above her cot as it moves automatically. She also like the animals hanging from her moses basket. I have tried to show her some pics in some books but she isn't interested. She isn't that interested in her bouncy chair either. She has a wrist rattle as well, but not interested in it. I did have a look in the shops and couldn't really see anything else.

    I have hired some nursery rhyme cds from the library and sing them to her

  • i got my lo a baby shhh from boots. u can hang it anywhere i.e play gym car seat and it plays music when pressed
  • Fabric play books are a good idea with squeaky, crinkly bits on them. A mirror is also a hit with babies believe it or not!
  • I totally agree with the mirror! Louise has always loved mirrors and we taught her to wave as she always wanted to look in them around the house and I kept waving and saying 'hello mummy and Louise'.

    I also agree with the soft books, especially ones that make noises. Mothercare do a nice animal one.

    How about some rattles and small cuddly toys? you could show your lo how to play with them, Louise used to love being shown things that made noises and try to grab them.
  • We got a few toys from tesco that are suitable from birth. An octopus and all its legs are different fabrics and make noise. Also got a couple of leapfrog toys and a book thats sings nursery rhymes.
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