bf and hayfever

It feels rather early to be thinking about hayfever season but after an article on the news last week about pollen levels getting high earlier again this year I thought I'd better check it out.

Worst situation really - most hayfever remedies pass into bm and you can't take piriton as it tends to make them drowsy. Spoke to a hv this morning and I've been advised to switch to formula so I can take what treatments I need image Unfortunately I get it so badly not taking any treatment isn't an option.:cry:

It means switching earlier than I intended but I'll get over it. Just really wanted to see if ant=yone else has been given advice, :\? and give fellow suffers a nudge to think what they are going to do.


  • I was wondering about this last weekend. Last year I didn't suffer at all - pregancy can do that apparently!

    I was wondering what to take - my lo has a doctors appointment next week so was going to ask then.

    My lo wont take formula so it sounds like i'm just going to have to suffer!

    have you thought about or tried homeopathic remedies? Mine was worse the year I tried but must work for others! might be an option? I have to be careful about what I take as most things make me drowsy.
  • Like loopy loo says, you could look into homeopathic and herbal remedies that won't effect your bf. Do a bit of research online, but make sure you double check it's ok to use while bf. I think it is getting earlier as oh is already showing sympoms and it's only March! x x
  • If you get it from flowers you could start eating local honey now, that's supposed to help. It may take the edge off enough to get you through it!
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