Any ideas.....any at all?

Please help girls!
I am really getting fed up with being part of the 5am club. Does anyone have any ideas how i can get harrison to sleep longer in the morning? just an hour thats all i ask,lol. Do i...
A) try keeping him up an hour later (his current bedtime is between 6:30-7:00)
B) Just wait until he grows out of it (if he grows out of it)
C) Ok i thought there would be a C but im at a loss now........please help! Any suggestions welcome. even if its just to say that you too are part of the 5am club lol
thanks ladies
kiea xxx


  • Hi lot are up anywhere between 5 & 6.30 am on a reg basis - bloody annoying if Nathan wakes for a feed at 4am!!!

    We've tried everything - dark curtains, changing bedtimes, bribery (lol) - nothing's worked for us!!! Sorry hun x
  • I was part of the 5am club and I really do sympathise! Unfortunately I had to wait for Neve to grow out of it and it took a couple of months.

    Sorry - no help at all!
  • Hi hon,

    My 2 year old was one of those!

    I can't tell you when it changed but it did and he now gets up between 7 and 7.30am.

    Hope this makes you feel a bit
  • I got out of the 5am club by ignoring Max for a while when he woke that early - prob took a month to break the habit in total. I just ignore the screasm for maybe 10 mins for a few days and then a bit longer - eventually he stopped waking then - or maybe he still wakes but doesn't yell till 6 or sometimes even after that!!! Tough love but SOOOOOOOOOOO worth it for that extra hours sleep!!!!!
  • Oh but all the cool people are in the 5am club!

    Seriously though - is that it at 5am is he awake and up and about or does he have a bottle and go back to sleep? Cole wakes normally between 4 and 5 for a bottle and goes back to sleep but the last week or two his teeth have been bothering him and he's been worse, and this morning he's been up since 5,30. YAwn!!

    I'm just hoping he'll grow out of it and as he learns to eat his tea better he'll sleep longer. Just bought him a new bigger sleeping bag and he's gone in it tonight so I'm hoping that might make a difference too
  • i have tried giving him a bottle but hes just wide awake, this morning it was 4;30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx
  • i have tried giving him a bottle but hes just wide awake, this morning it was 4;30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx
  • lol jauden goes down at 8ish and has 2 bottles in the night! and these past 3-4 weeks hes been waking about 6 times crying, think hes on with his teeth tho, but usually his waking time is 6 and ,thats wayyyy to early for me!!! but i will join the 5am club coz i do get up and see him when hes screams...
  • Hayleyspirit,I would settle for 6am, that would be lovely! im jealous! lol xxx
  • grr i would love millie to get up earlier not that early though 8am would be nice she didnt wake til 9am 2day and baby group started at 9.15 grr we didnt get there til 10 lol
  • Hi.

    Nathan was up at 5.30am on the dot every morning until two weeks ago! My God we were knackered!

    We havent changed anything at all. Bottle at 6.30pm, bed by 7pm. He just suddenly had a couple of sleeps to 7am (even 7.30am one morning) and now touch wood seems to be waking at 6.30am. He is still waking sometimes earlier but we're just leaving him till a more reasonable.

    Hope that you get a lay in soon.

  • less sleep during the day? cut his nap time down so he is tired for bed then he will prb add that nap on to the end of his sleep? brooke goes sleep at 7 (9 tonight) lol we were having fun! and gets up at 8. she seems to have changed to getting up at 7 and thats killed me!! so i feel really sorry for u getting up at 5!! xx
  • hi hun - i would suggest the tough love approach as craftycharli suggested. He obviously doesn't realise that for mummy it's technically the middle of the night she's being woken up, and assumes it's morning especially as he's so used to getting up then.

    Evie still sometimes wakes at 5-6am, and i alays go into her room in the dark - stick dummy back in and tuck her up and tell her quietly that it's still bedtime and she needs to go back to sleep.

    She understands now that when i do that it means "its not morning yet" and she will go back off for another couple of hours.

    I think you just need to start doing something similar and be consistant until you see results!
  • oh just to add - if you do decide to take that approach, it'd be easier to do at this time of year while it's still dark in the mornings! another couple of month and it will probably be lighter at 5am which i imagine would make life more difficult! XX
  • Lily is not quite 6 weeks old but we've been members since her birth :\(
  • The problem is we are living with my dad at the moment while we save for a deposit for a mortgage so we are in the same room as harri, if he had his own room i would definatley try the tough love approach but its difficult when there is other people in the house. He doesnt nap much in the day anyway tbh so dont think that would make any difference. pinktoothbrush-lilly is still a newborn i could take it if harri were too but at 1 year old its getting a bit much lol xxx
  • Ide say he has about 9 solid hours at the moment 10 or 11 on a good day he might stir for his dummy in the night but usually goes straight off. He doesnt cry straaight away but does after a few moment if we dont get up to him. ive actually started coming downstairs and sleeping on the sofa when he wakes and leaving him to cry, he has a musical lamb on the side of the cot which usuallly helps him drift off a bit but not for
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