Oh has lost his job and

Silver lining and all that isn't it? My oh has been given reduced working hours (could have been redundancy so we were lucky!) so he'll be able to look after lo one day a week while I'm at work. That will be something special that my lo will always have a Daddy Day every week. So yeah silver linings but agree with gemzy too my oh would really get under me feet after a few days! Glad you've got some positives out of horrible news xx


  • Glad to hear something good's come out of a bad situation! X
  • I'm glad that you are seeing the positives. Daddy time can really help the oh's as they get time to know what to do with them and experience some of what we have to go through when they are normally at work.

    Make the most of it while you can.
  • Im glad he is helping more hunni i no you said he was not pulling his weight!!

    Enjoy having him there to help and go out yourself for a change you deserve it, must be so hard with 2 doing it all on your own ( I know he is helping now though but still!!)

  • I'm sorry he lost his job hun but glad you're getting on - you sound like me and my oh - we get on sooo much better when he's off work! xxx
  • Thats good that you are getting on better when he is at home. My husband is reducing his hours from full time to part time in 2weeks time so he can look after Kara. It is better financially for us as I earn more than my husband does. I am still on reduced hours so I will still spend the same amount of time as I do now as Ray's parents watch her at the minute when we are at work.
  • Glad its working out good, i think if martin lost his job i would end up killing him as he is a workaholic and when ever he takes time of he just gets board and crabby and gets in my way all the time the kids love it as they get more time with him but they always end up making a mess that i have to deal with lol
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