The park??

Does anyone take their lo's to the park??
Gabe is 8 months on the 9th Jan and I was thinking of taking him on the baby swings, but he is not sitting unaided yet. He sits very well and is obviously very strong now, just not on the floor. Do you think he'd be OK (obviously not going too high lol!) xx


  • Hey,

    Louise is 5 1/2 months and I was thinking of taking her to the park soon. I'm sure he'll be ok as you could hold him on things and the baby swings are quite sturdy - or sit him on your lap on a big swing!
  • I used to take Millie to the park at that age and she loved the swings. Not taken Barney yet as it is far to cold up here in the frozen North!! :lol:
  • Yes I am sure he will be fine as there are usually swings with supports. Kara loved the swings when I took her around Gabe's age.
  • He'll be fine. I've been taking Cole since he was 4 months old and couldn't sit on his own and he loved the swings! He just used to slump over to the side somewhat but I just used to prop him up and not swing too high. He's never been that impressed by slides but quite likes those little wobby seesaw things and he likes to go up the steps onto the little castle thingy where the slide is.

    The park is definately a lifesaver for those days when you jsut need something to do with lo!
  • i put a folded blanket round toby to wedge him in he loves the swings
  • Yep, i think Gabe will really enjoy it! Dylan had a go on a kiddies ride in Southend yesterday & loved it - not sure if he was actually old enough, but we made sure he was held onto!

    Will def be going to the park soon!

    Sarah xx
  • Haha well I decided to go today with Gabe all bundled up in his hat and the snowsuit with mittens attached (looked very sweet!) and he loved it!!! He had a tantrum when we went home though... will wait until it's warmer next time so we can stay longer!
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