Calling all seamstresses!!

I am having one of those days where i'm GOING to be something. I've decided. And today, my idea is that as i can't find the bedding set i want for harry's room, i am going to make it. The lot.

I want to be able to find some really nicely coloured blue material with yellow stars. There's a couple of places where i have seen it as a printed design but i'd prefer something a little nicer (any clue of what i'm going on about yet??).

Have you any tips or advice for me? Any places where i could potentially find some lovely material?

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  • Have a look on Ebay at a ahop called 'favourite fabrics' they have some really nice stuff, it is mostly printed but lovely patterns. Do you want the stars all over it? What about getting some plain fabric and then apliquing (sorry, I can never spell that!) some yellow stars onto it, that would look fantastic. It would take a while but it's pretty easy to do. I'm always on the lookout for nice fabric for the front of my baby carriers so if I see anything else I'll let you know.
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