well looks like il be a single mum

my oh is such an effing nob. he has been vile for the last few weeks, constantly criticisin and moanin and shoutin at me. it has got to a point where i darent say anythin in case it upsets him. i know he is low after everythin that has gone on (losin job, deaths, etc.) but there is nothin i can do to change the current situation. he has announced this mornin that he thinks we should split up as 'wevhad fun and its come to the end' had bloody fun - we have a 7 month old son!!cheeky f***er. he has now done 1 without a phone, car or money. i cant even get hold of him for his son. he has basically said i know im good enough for ever1 and il be nasty to you until you chuck me!!nice or what. i am now sat waitin for lo to wake up, cryin thinkin what am i gonna do!!
sorry for moanin, i just never envisaged i would be in this situation.


  • ah hun, sounds like your better off without him if he's got that attitude. you're right when u say you can't change circumstances and he should be adult enough to recognise this! is there a chance he'll cool off and then you might be able to talk things through? if not im sure you'll do just fine hun and you're not on your own coz you've got all of us on B.E. xxx
  • How awful! Had fun??? Will he come back to collect anything? Do you know where he might have gone? Sorry you're having to go through this, don't apologise at all. xxx
  • aarrrgggg! why do men think they can just do one????
    so sorry hun, i do hope u work things out, but if not u know where to come for a good moan image
    though if he didnt take anything with him he may very well calm down and be back later. xxx
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