How many oz's?

When i bought it i thought i'll love it, but i am a bit dissapointed, firstable i wish the folding it down was much easier, secondly when putting the seat facing you twice has gone down a position with my baby on it!, if you want to change the position of the seat, you need help if you don't want your baby to go backwards, since then i always check at least 3 times that the seat is secure before my baby seats on it.... as i said dissapointed


  • Fantastic compact good looking pram. Bought from and got a great deal. Bought the whole caboodle - carseat / carrycot / pushchair ( all one click fitting ) / 2 x cosytoes ( 1 for carseat & carrycot & other for pushchair ), basket, raincover x2, sun canopy & insect net & change bag. You also get a pump for tyres.
    Excellent suspension so very comfy ride. Very easy to handle and push even with one hand.
    So easy to unfold with one hand thanks to hydraulic system. Easy to fold down too.
    Height adjustable handles.
    The only downside to this pram is the fact that there is limited space for shopping.
    Overall great buy.

  • I think my little boy could eat more as he still sucking when hes finished a bottle... Should i be going by the age of the baby or the weight for the amount i should be giving him...for his weight he should be on 7ozs where as now hes on 6...just asking cuz i dont want to ovver feed him but i think he would take that extra oz...what would u do?
  • yeh he has a dummy. I find aswell now that when i first started givin him 6oz he would sleep 5/6 hours at night maybe more before a feed now its 4 hours if not even i mioght give it a trial run and see how it goes...just seems like 7oz is so much for an 11 week old dont u think?
  • I just added another oz whenever Maddie started to drain more than 2 of her bottles a day and see how we went.
    Also the info on the tins is just a guideline so don't worry about over feeding, you will be able to check that his weight is not going up too much when he is weighed.
  • well he is in his lines regarding weight...ive made up 7oz bottles for next 24hrs...will see how i get on. thanks
  • When Kara starts to finish 1 or 2 of her bottles I up the bottles by an oz and keep continuing this. At the minute she is on 6oz. When she finishes this a couple of time I will start putting 7oz in her bottles.
  • Hi sammy, i would try another oz i do it at bed time my lo is 5 months and she should be on 7oz but she takes 8 before she goes to bed but not during the day. She once took 10 oz before she went to bed think she was going through a growth spurt! Dont think you can overfeed a baby with milk they will always take what they need and if they dont my lo tells me so. x
  • Ive up'ed Jaydens bottles to 7oz and he still drains every bottle so i cant up it anymore or he will probably weigh 5 stone by the age of one lol, I think hes just a greedy lil man
  • if he is still sucking i would give him one ounce more, cos he is obviosuly not satisfied by just he 6. try him on the 7 and there will be a big diff. how old is he? my lil one is on 7oz and sleeps for 12 hrs a night.
  • I already uped him amount to 7 last night for the first time and in 24 hours he has drained every 7oz bottle ive given him. He will be exactly 3 months on monday x
  • Hi, my lo is in the same boat , he is only 10 weeks and draingin his bottles. HV said that you cant over feed which I agree with as I have to other kids too and they're wee skinny things!!! and they were greedy as babies too.

    My lo is 15LBS already!! But was big at birth and is long too so is exactly right weight for his length. Off the record I've started to give him a teaspoon of baby rice at either mid morning or lunchtime depending on when he feeds.

    DOnt get too hung up on what he ways, by the time he is up and running around any baby fat will start to fall off. Just think that you are only giving him milk - not loads of crap so he is healthy. My sis had a really big baby to and it came in handy when he was ill as a baby and couldnt eat and ended up in hopsital. He lost so much weight but luckily because he was such a big boy it didnt do him any damage.

  • Thanks patdow, im trying not to get too hung up on it but sometimes u do without even realising!...what did your hv say about u giving ur lo babyrice at such a young age? i didnt think they agreed with it xx
  • Hi Sam,

    Glad to hear little Jayden is doing well & draining all his bottles. I have to admit that I've never read the bit on the side of the milk cartons saying how much they should be taking til I read your post & looked out of curiousity. I always just worked along the lines of that if you offered 5oz bottles & they drained them a few times then I'd make up 6 oz the next time & so on.

    I had to wean Amy at 12 weeks & it was actually the HV who said it was best coz she was draining a 9oz bottle every 1 1/2 hr. She told me at the time that although they dont recommend weaning til 6months that in some cases it has to be done earlier. In my experience there seem to be very few mums who manage to hold off til 6 months

    Good luck

    Hilary x
  • fantastic pram. good height which is great for taller people.
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