Baked beans

Can lo's have these?

Gabe's decided that lumpy food is 'in' again ate a lightly mashed cooked dinner on monday, a stage 2 jar yesterday and chopped cauli, sweetcorn and pasta today, so I thought maybe I could try him with baked beans, sausage and mash or something similar? Do beans have too much salt in them x


  • I saw a heinz tin that was baked beans and bacon! It said from 4 months so should be fine!

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  • I've tried Charlotte on a Heinz meal with beans and sausage in etc but I think it was from 10+ months. I'm sure it would be fine though - just watch out for the wind!! Charlotte has chilli con carne with kidnesy beans in (mashed) and she likes them and no problems with them.
    Oh I know the tins that Loopy Loo is talking about. They are a little can and got many varieties in them. Haven't tried them myself but Heinz baby food is normally quite good.
  • Baby beans are fine or SALT FREE adult beans but ordinary adult beans are TOO SALTY!!!
  • I've been giving Nathan the reduced salt and sugar ones, it hadnt even occured to me whether or not I should, oops!
    He loves them though so I'm going to carry on giving them on occassion.

  • well i give daisy baked beans have bought reduced sugar and salt but quite often she has normal ones she is nearly one though .
  • We just have the normal heinz beans but will keep an eye out for reduced salt beans, Ive tried them myself though and they were yuck but then I am a salt fiend.

    For those who give beans - do you mush them at all? Gabe has lumps now and could easily manage a baked bean BUT is it a choking hazard?? I worried with the sweetcorn today and tried to cut it in half even though the pieces of pasta he was eating were bigger! Mad eh!
  • Be careful, there is a LOT of sugar let alone salt in normal baked beans - that's why they taste so yummy compared to plain old beans (the sugar is in the special recipe tomato sauce) even the reduced sugar and salt ones are only REDUCED there is still quite a lot in them!

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