feeling down and emotional.

hiya ladies, hope you dont mind me having a moan, im sat here in tears as im just so tired and i don't know what to do anymore. up till now we've been having really bad nights as Charlie's body clock was all out of sync but i thought we'd cracked this 2night as he settled so well at his bedtime feed but since then he's been so unsettled. He's having real trouble bringing up wind, and only having about an oz of his feed as a result. He then dozes off but then throws back up his milk and is hungry again but then i try and feed him and as he still has wind the whole thing is repeated.

He's having infacol and I changed to tommee tippee bottles, i try burping him in different positions and massaging his tummy but nothing! I can see and hear he is uncomfortable but can't seem to relieve it.

I never had a decent nights sleep thru out my pregnancy and it's continuing now but it's starting to make me feel ill, i've had a banging head for the last few days and been sick thru tiredness. I dont know what more i can do but i know i cant continue like this. :cry:


  • hi hun
    im having exactly the same problem.mine seems to want feeding every 1 and a half hours and her top lip is nearly always blue.try getting some dentinox from boots.it helps a bit,goes in the bottle so they dont taste it.suitable from birth and can have up to 6 doses a day.let me know how you get on and just keep reminding yourelf that it will pass even though it dosent feel like it at the time claire x
  • colief worked for oliver, i didnt think i would ever sleep until ii used it, in a couple of days he was a different baby. xxx
  • thanks girls, feel a bit better now as i managed to get an hours sleep. Can i ask you a bit more about colief? i read on their website you have to add it half an hour before they have their feed but we make up the bottles with water in advance to cool at room temp then add the powder as we need a feed. does anyone else do this and how many drops do you add and do you still leave it half an hour? thanks.xx
  • We made our feeds like that until we started using colief and cow & gate. With the cow & gate formula you have to add the powder to the water within 15 mins of it boiling. I make up about 4 bottles, put them in a pan of cold water. Once they are warm i add 2 drops of colief and put them in the fridge. I then warm them at each feed. Doctor suggested giving feeds warm to help with colic as it is gentler on their stomachs.

    I was the same as you a couple of weeks ago. I was in tears and falling out with oh cos i was exhausted. Frankie would just scream in pain cos she couldnt get her wind up. I would definitely recommend swapping to cow and gate comfort. First night on it was awful cos it upset her bottom!! But we stuck it out and she is now feeding every 4 hours - if not more!! I would also recommend a swing if you can afford one. It is brilliant. We have this one but in a different colour.

    I hope you manage to crack it soon. Im so glad we changed milk and used colief. Its now like we have a different baby. I know exactly how you feel so if you have any more questions just ask.
  • Just to add if you do swap to cow and gate comfort we are having to use size 3 teats otherwise it just clogs and wont come out.

    Sorry theres more - when we first swapped milk we were giving her a little bit of cooled boiled water after each feed to help flush the old milk out her system.
  • Big Hugs from me- we have the cold bug and Archie spent all night in our bed so I'm suffering too... At least it's got to get better...
  • thanks girls!! nice to know im not alone. well my husbands gone to town with a list for cow and gate, colief and different teats so fingers crossed it will help. xx MKT86 - we have one of those swings thats been given to us, hadn't used it up to now as i thought maybe he wouldn't be very supported in it he's 3 weeks) but just put him in it and he seems to be quite content.xx
  • Fingers crossed for you. Hope it all works!! We were a bit worried about the support (Frankie is 5 weeks) but we pinched the strap covers off her car seat to help her.
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