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Any experiences with iCandy Peach?

Hi Ladies

I'm 17 weeks and starting to look at travel systems, hoping that all's well at the 20 week scan and we can go shopping. The iCandy Peach seems really popular and we're very tempted, but I wonder if anyone has any experiences using it? It looks fab and it's lovely to wheel about the showroom, but just wondering what it's like in real life with a baby in it!

Many thanks


  • we have it in Black jack and my DS is now 9months. We used the carrycot until my baby was 6months as it was winter so nice and cosy, we have been using the seat unit for the last few months and love that as well! he is 21lbs now but it is still a dream to push and collapsing is really easy!

    It is expensive but i intend to have more children and didnt want to be a serial pram buyer, this is the one and only! My friend has a baby the same age and she has already been and bought a stroller as her pram was too heavy to push!

    Happy pram shopping!
  • i have the cherry and my complaint is the hood, which is next to useless. the peach one is much better.
  • We have the Peach and LOVE it! Would highly recommend it. It is lovely to push, easy to collapse, we have a small car and it fits in the boot and I find the carseat attachments really handy to bring LO up to our flat from the car if he falls asleep because he is too heavy to carry in it now.
    My only complaint is that he grew out of the carrycot very quickly, it is quite small but he is above the 75th centile for length so not a small baby by any stretch. He went into the pushchair part at about 17 weeks but the middle recline position was perfect for him. The carrycot was definately worth it though even for that short amount of time, he looked so cosy and comfy in there.
    We got the blackjack, I wanted the sweetpea but my MIL hated it and since she was buying it I felt a bit mean asking her to pay for something she didn't like. In hindsight I am glad we got blackjack because I think it is more classic and less current fashion and we plan to use it for future babies.
    The thing that finally swayed us is the ability to convert to a double if we decide to have future babies soon (which we don't lol)
  • Ooooh, thanks so much for your replies - the iCandy Peach is looking more and more the way to go!

  • we have it in sweetpea and I love, love, love it! Its easy to push, easy to put together and take apart, the carrycot is fine for lo, but at 12 weeks he has been in the pushchair for a couple of weeks now as he prefers to be able to see! he still uses the carrycot though.
  • ask how much it will be to convert though if thats what you want it for. i wanted the peach for this reason, and the shop worked it out to be ??????400, as you cant use the carrycot and stroller seat you use when its a single. the peach blossom ones are smaller. i decided it would be better to sell my cherry and buy a double if i actually needed one!
  • We have the Icandy peach and I love it and it would be top of my list of must haves for baby.
    One thing I just wanted to point out as I dnt think a lot of people realise is that you can have the carrycot and pushchair in different colours if you like. We have the sweetpea pushchair and the blackjack carrycot. this is possible because you order the carrycot on it own. not as part of a system. We decided blackjack as baby was due december and sweetpea for the pram as thought it would be more fun for baby and loved the sweetpea but thought it was too much in the carrycot.
    sorry for rambling!! xx
  • Hi ladies

    Just wanted to say thank you again for your advice. I'm now 24 weeks and we've ordered the iCandy Peach! After your glowing reports and having tried out lots of others too, we knew it was the one for us. We've gone for the black jack - winter baby so a good colour for the carrycot and also hoping it will get a bit less dirty. Will brighten it up with colourful blankets for our little girl if needs be. We got the footmuff and cup holder thrown in and have bought the parasol and a pebble car seat to fit the frame too. So, all ready to go! So excited!

  • I have the blackjack, love it. I've just changed my car and was very dubious about it going in the boot (changed from an Avensis to a Yaris) but it's like it was made for it!

    I know my reply is a tad irrelevant now as you've ordered it but just wanted to say how much we love it!

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