BLW- and purees?

Hi girls,
I know there are many a fan of blw out there, and I just want to know whether I can mix the too? My son is being weaned on purees now, but I would like to do some blw once he reaches 6 months.

So my question is can I mix them? Do I, once he is six months switch? A=I mean gradually reduce puree and increase the finger food?

Help please....



  • Hello,
    I am no expert on BLW but my LO was weaned early (before 6 months) onto purees but then we started introducing more lumpy food and finger foods too. I mix and match, he will have sandwiches etc for lunch then for tea he'll have textured puree's etc.
    Hope this helps
  • i was at a weaning talk run by my local sure startcentre yesterday and they say from 6 months baby eats normal foods. they only need purees and mush if they are weaned early. so from months baby should have moved on from purees anyway. x
  • BLW doesn't include purees really as it is JUST baby led.
    However you can do purees alongside finger foods no problem then at 6 months (if you're weaning early) just gradually reduce the amount of mush you give and exchange it for just "normal" food xx
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