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ECZEMA on face

Please help my DS (5months) is suffering really badly with eczema on his face and head and i can't stop him scratching it in the night time... i spend most of my day at his side trying to occupy him so he doesn't do it all day

i've tried most things aqueous cream, oilatum sunflower oil olive oil but nothing seems to work it so bad that he is now in bed with my husband and me so that we can both keep him from rubbing - this isn't helping our relationship i can't remember the last time we had a cuddle without fear of DS waking up.

Is there anything that any of you have tried and been successful and i'm at my wits end and jelous of other babies perfect skin




  • Ahh poor thing. Have you tried buying those sleepsuits with all-in-one scratch mitts on them? Not entirely sure if you can get them in 3-6 month size but it's worth a try. Mothercare do them (I bought some in "new baby" size for my lo a few months back) and I think Next do. You basically roll the end of the cuff over the hand, simple as that. Worth a try.
  • Get your gp to prescribe some double base cream its brill , both my youngest 2 have eczema and they were prescribed Elecon cream and double base cream and the latter has been brill, they can also prescribe stuff for their hair as well its definatly worth a visit as my los sleep so much better since they are not itching to much, I would also try some mitts to stop him scratching good luck x
  • Hi i used to just put socks on my los hands at night because he had outgrown all his orginal mitts..they work just the same!lol but my son had eczema on his cheeks which lasted about 2 month,i got some doublebase cream and some steriod cream off doc and this cleared it up within 2 or 3 days!after about 3 wks it came back so i went back to docs but she just said to put steriod cream back on as they couldnt really give him anything else so once again i used this and it cleared up and so far as not returned..been about 3 or 4 mths now!go docs and see what they prescribe
  • I usually use calamine lotion as it's cooling and calms the rash. Also, I don't think oil is very advisable... but not sure. Try washing his face with cool water many times during the day. You could do this with cotton wool so as not to irritate... it will help. You could use mittens but no point letting him be uncomfortable as that's not really a solution. you have to somehow try and get rid of the itching. calamine helped me, but makes a mess!
  • Doublebase cream all the way!! We've had oilatum and aqueous creamf or Cole for ages, and hydrocortisone for the bad bits, but not so long ago I asked the doc for other stuff too and was prescribed doublebase. We use it in the mornings and its made such a difference.. its got to the point that if hubby is up with Cole first I can't tell whether he's remembered to put cream on Cole!
  • Kia Have you tried putting the double base on before he has a bath then again afterwards, its brill its supposed to prevent the skin from drying out when its put on prior to a bath and it has really worked for my lo's, try it its great x
  • i have used double base cream on harri when he had a rash i got it on perscription but someone told me its like ??15 a pot to buy so if you can get some off your doc its good stuff and lasts ages! i still have loads left! he was also given hydrocortisone cream for it. but that made no
  • yep socks on hands at night but put them over the sleave of there babygrow or pyjamas, my lil boy has it all over, moisturiser is the kay, evry 2 hours, yes it is a pain but thats what is rong the skin has broken down and iritation and infection get in and thats what makes it itch, so moisturise evry couple of hours, try and get cetraben emolient on prescription from the doctors, they will give you a big pump wich should last you about 2 weeks if you aply its every couple of hours every day, and also ask for cetraben bath additive, that will help with the scalp, dont put anything else in his bath just plain water, even to wash with. well at least untill your doctor can give you that, they wont recomend anything else on his face because its so sensitive, i feel for you, i know how it feels, i have to strip my david every two hours and aply it all over and then every 4 hours he gets different stuff on his body, hope this helps

  • Thank you ladies - i'll ask try the doc to try doublebase cream when we have our check up.

    He's never been out of the scratch mitts i take them off and as soon as he gets tired he scratches so they go back on again and the babygrows for his size no longer come with fold over mitts (at least mothercare and Gap don't).

    Thanks again
    Kellie & Oliver
  • Forgot to say earlier that they also gave me Eumavate for my lo's face and it works x
  • Hi my LO had terrible eczema on his face it even got infected and was weeping yellow gunky stuff that went crusty - it was really horrible! And whenever he scratched it, it bled. So after going to the gp about 4 times and being told different things, given different stuff blah blah I just took Max to the hospital in the end, cos I'd had enough!

    They prescribed a cream called Fucibet, and I had to wash his face with salt water 4 times a day then put the cream on! Also given medicine to stop him scratching in his sleep and put long socks over his hands.

    Try to keep his nails short, too so he doesn't do too much damage!

    I agree with everyone above - double base ROCKS!!! :lol:
  • I'm an eczema sufferer myself and have always found aqueous cream best but reading all this I'm going to ask Dr for double base for myself. Flare ups really do need to be treated with steroid cream which works miraculously but do be careful as extended use can thin the skin, my fingers look very old for my age because of this so you really dont want to overdo it on his face. Personally I hate calomine lotion. I just found it really dried my skin out and the cooling effect didnt last long. I havent used it for years though so it might have improved since.
  • hi kelly my wee ones nana suffers really bad from eczma and she bathes every day in (believ it or not) goats milk!! you get dried stuff from the health food shop and it takes the itch away you would still need the cream as it wont improve the skin just take the itch out for a while think its a couple of tea spoons per bath she also sponges it on during the day when she is bad
    fea x
  • Tigger66 nope.. I didn't know that was what you were meant to do with doublebase. All i got told by the docs when i asked if there was anythiing else other than oilatum or aqueous that would help was to use the hydrocortisone when its really bad, edoublebase when not so bad and aqueous when its even less bad. Helpful.... not!
  • Docs never told me but I read it in the instructions and its made all the difference to my lo, double base it all I use tried steroid cream but did not work although the docs did prescribe Elocon cream which is good and Eumavate for his face which is also good but to be honest I just stick to double base a couple of times a day and always before a bath. My 2 year old had it very bad behind her knees and elbows and it has all cleared up with double base and she loves it, puts it on herself, which is a nice mess but gets the job done x
  • What helped a bunch was using neosporin on my LO's scratches and then using a Zipadee-Zip which is a swaddle suit from Sleeping Baby. The Zippy encloses my LO's hands and feet so he can't scratch himself.

    Check it out:

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