10month old sick with the flu plz help??

my 10month old girl is very sick with the flu and is usually no hassles but im getting really frustrated as i cant get her to sleep or eat properly shes sooky all the time and i hav tried heaps of things but nothings working image her nose is constantly running.can anyone out there please help me im stuck :\(:cry: thanks


  • I did post! Don't know why it didn't stick...

    Ah lovey, its horrible when LO are super ill. Firstly put the kettle on. If you get frustrated, it won't help her (know this from recent experience).

    Secondly, don't worry about her eating too much. If you remember when you are ill, sometimes you just don't want to eat. She will eat when she gets hungry.

    Very important to get as much liquid inside her as possible, Dioralyte will help with this as it helps to replace the electrolytes (dunno what they are but they are important).

    Also prop up one end of her cot so she isn't so flat when she's lying down, and as much vaporub type thing as possible! This will help her breathing and fingers crossed help her sleep. If you haven't got the kids one, you can put a teaspoon of Vicks in a bowl of warm water and let the vapour into the room - easier the have the door shut with this. Also Calpol do a plug in vapouriser which is brilliant. Highly reccommend this too.

    Don't worry about house work. Don't worry about having to cook meals, don't worry if OH comes home expecting his tea on the table. He can get his own. Just have a couple of days where you don't need to do anything but cuddle (and watch crappy daytime tv). The cuddles will do her and you the world of good.

    Accept any help possible! Even if its just your neighbour putting the kettle on for you! It will save you getting up! xxxxx
  • agree with whalemummy ((hugs) It is miserable when Los are ill but it doesnt usually last long. If she is wheezing or just generally seems VERY bad I would take her to the doctors. My lo gets chest infections & often needs antibiotics xx even if she doesnt need them it will put your mind at rest.
  • Poor little thing!

    Dont worry too much about the not eating, as long as she's getting lots of fluids (if only water not milk, doesn't matter ) to stop her from getting dehydrated.

    How about cuddling up on the sofa to watch a favourite tv program or look at books? Relaxing together might help her get some naps.

    At night, raise the head end of her cot, try some vapor rub and if her nose is blocked you can ger saline nosedrops (one brand called nasosol) from boots/ a chemist which helps to clear the snot just like blowing your nose.

    There's also capol or baby neurofin (sp?) you could try?

    Hope she's feeling better soon

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