what a night!!!

jessica had her bottle at 9.45pm. she was asleep in her crib by 10.15pm and she didint wake or a bottle until...................................5.45am!!!!!!!!!! thats 8 whole hours!!!!! image :lol:

then she went back in her crib and settled herself to sleep until 8.20am!!!!!!! image

nice to wake up feling slightly normal!

knowing my luck its a one off!!!!


  • aw great! well done jessica and lucky you, i found at first when evie was sleeping through i wasn't used to getting a lot of sleep so felt MORE tired! lol. You will benefit lots if she keeps it up! hope she does X
  • yey thats brilliant! i was going to post the same thing about evie! we gave her a bath at 9:30 and bottle at 10pm, hubby settled her down in her mosesbasket and we watched a bit of tv until about 11:30 then we went to sleep. evie didnt wake up for her next feed until gone 4am- we couldnt believe it, i woke up feeling amazing- really makes a difference when you get sleep! lets hope we both have good nights again tonight! xxxx
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