How daft am i?? lol

Just fed Gracie her jar and i'd usually put her in her bumbo (on a sane day that is. lol) anyway. I just came in the room and pulled her towards the settee and started feeding her. She enjoyed it as usual and wanted more as usual lol but her whole face was bright orange with spaghetti and mozzarella and had near enough dyed her eyebrows orange too. lol

I'd only been feeding her in her jumperoo! and not even thought about the mess she was getting into until i'd finished but she looked pretty amused by it all. I don't even know how i managed it with how crazy she bounces in it but its the last time i do that because she's now also got a stained baby blue dress that i loved image

Serves me right for not thinking before i started. lol

Lisa xxx


  • Ha ha did you not notice she was bit higher than her bumbo!!!!
  • Oh heck! Daft is when I go into a room and have no idea why I went in there or what I needed-maybe that's just old age?!! x
  • To tell you the truth i was in my own little world and just thought she'd be ok in that while i fed her but was wrong because about 2 mins into her dinner she started bouncing and i was feeding her eyebrows. lol

    Not easy for me but she found it highly amusing that i was having to chance her mouth around to avoid poking her in the eye or up the nose. lol

    Never again though. lol

    Lisa xxx
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