Hair falling out (mine!)

Ruby is now 16 weeks old and my hair has started coming out really badly!
There is piles of it in the shower every morning once I've washed my hair.
Is anybody else suffering from this?
Is it hormonal and when does it stop?



  • hi hon!!
    yes it is totally normal, and should settle at some point!!

    when you get preg, your hair stops falling out, so when it restarts after delivery, loads comes out at first, and you think you're gonna wake up like Harry Hill! it should settle soon

  • I think it is hormonal, they do say after birth youb can lose hair not really sure, hope my hair doesnt fall out, because my hair is really fab at moment, it grew so much during pregnancy.

  • Mine started when lo was about 3 months old and it drives me mad. Find it all over the place and now he loves grabbing hold of it when I put him down-agghhh! Vitamin E sounds like a good idea Joane&brood will give that a try! x
  • As others have said, don't worry all is normal :\)

    I swore I was going bald but after lo was about 5-6months it started to slow down and is now back to normal.
    Don't worry, it will stop!
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