What parent facing pushchair would you recommend?

I currently have the Silvercross sleepover pushchair but on the large chassis. I am thinking of selling this and getting one with small swivel wheels, but would like one that will lay flat for when Kieran is sleeping and faces me.
Can anyone recommend one please. I would like one that will see him all the way through. x


  • I've got the Mothercare My3 and I love it ! I still use it now - DS is 9 months old.
  • we have a stokke xplory and love it!
  • for my 15 month old, i currently have mamas and papas sola which is fab and light weight. did have the britax vigour (but the airport broke it) also bought a second hand quinny buzz for my husband.

    they arnt making the britax vigour any more as its now been replaced by the britax b-smart. which again is a really lightweight and easy pram to use

  • +1 for the M&P Sola, we love it and it's good value too.
  • Thanks ladies. Who would of thought there could be so much choice out their! x
  • I love our Bugaboo, they're quite expensive but there are always loooooooooooads on ebay that are really good value and always seem to have all the extras. Deffo worth a look!

  • Just been looking at the icanfy Apple anyone have this?
  • more so I wouldn't get the babystyle stroller, hard to push and steer and you have to take the seat off the frame to fold it up, pain in the arse in the rain lol it is a good sturdy seat and you can tell int he winter it will keep the cold out xx good luck x
  • i had the silvercross on the large chassis and i ended up buying the linear chassis for it and it only cost about ??50 on ebay. it has the swivel wheels and is a lot lighter.
    i like you liked having the pram that lay flat for baby sleeping but could also face you as a pushchair. i bought a bebe confort loola on gumtree to have at my mums. its great too, can face either way and can lie nearly flat for baby to sleep in, (ive popped my moses basket mattress in it as he isnt using moses anymore). euan naps in this at my mums and sleeps for hours (and he is 15lb 8oz now) so plenty of room. it folds down very small too which is good compared to the 2 seperate parts of the silvercross, ( and a lot of other prams ie icandy apple etc..)


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  • i second the loola i have it and love it!!
  • we've got the icandy apple jogger (3 wheeler) and love it!

    DS is only just big enough to go in the pram seat now but he was in the carry cot bit before that and we have the maxi cosi car seat which can go on it too!

    It is quite big when folded down, but real easy to collapse etc.


  • i have the icandy cherry but baby is not in the stroller mode yet, still in carrycot as she's only 17 weeks. it is very easy to push though
  • we've ordered the icandy pear tandem today, which can also be used as a single (makes it the apple i think) was trying it out in the shop with ds parent facing and he loved it! was light, even as a double with a 16month old in, lies flat etc and obv with doubles kit can be used if ur family expands with carry cot, carseat and/or just another infant seat which can both face both ways, v excited as it arrives in just over a week! x
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