While we're talking about Pooing....Piles!!!

Has anyone else suffered with these since giving birth?
Nathan is 9 months now and I have both Internal and External ones. Its agony when I poo and they bleed a lot too. I have been to the Dr's and been given two different strength steroid creams but although they ease them, they return as soon as I stop using them. The chemist creams (Anusol, Germolene etc) dont even begin to help anymore.
Last time I saw the Dr he mentioned that they might need to "do a job" on them and talked about waiting till after Xmas because of the recovery period. Now I'm scared to go back in case he says I need an Op on them but also dread pooing as they hurt so much. Has anyone else had any procedures done on theirs?
Sorry if TMI!! :roll: .


  • Me.
    Suffered with them since about 2 months before Ollie was born - they've never properly gone away and none of the creams, bought or prescription, really do anything for them.

    Just another joy of having children. :roll:

  • I have a small external one since having Ashton, may have something to do with trying to go to the toilet for 8 days before the midwife finally got me something to help! I used to be in agony with them, remember driving to meet my mum & dad once and had to stop the car three times in 40 minutes as I couldn't sit any longer! xxxx
  • I had horrific piles after lo was born and they are just getting there now. I went into hospital, day surgery, sothey could look at them and 'band' them if needed. I wouldn't worry yourself as I have this done (didnt have the banding in the end as not needed) it doesnt hurt, they use a tiny camera to look inside which doesnt hurt at all and if they band them I am told this is just a quick pinching feeling, not painful at all. I would get referred to a specialist as I did. I know how you feel about pooing as I had this everytime I went xx
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