Jane travel system?? FLAT TYRE!!

Hello Ladies,

I have a flat wheel on my Jane pushchair and its a puncture as it wont stay up when pumped. What do i do? Is there a tube inside i can repair, or do i need a new wheel?

Any help, much appreciated.



  • hi hun, yes there is a inner tube just use a normal repair kit! Just done my first one in 3 yrs xx
  • Just a tip - there's this stuff you can buy from Halfords called Slime which you can pump into your tyres so that when something pierces them it makes a seal so you never get a puncture.
  • When my pram got a flat I just took it to a bike shop and they did it for me, lazy I know but I'm not practical enough to fix a puncture.
  • Thanks girls, ooh that slime sounds fab. Will get hubby to look at it at weekend! I think thats more of a 'mans' job!!he he, even though i'm the practical one in the family!!
  • Definitely! Be warned it really is slime - it's bright green and gungy, mmm. Does what it says on the tube though!
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