My little man is 6 weeks old and, although he doesn't scream about it his wind is becomming a problem as it stops him feeding, I'm using infacol AND gripe no avail. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it but I am as I know he should be taking more by now. Anyone had the same problems? Any advice would be welcome....


  • Hey,

    Dylan is 6 weeks old and had the exact same problem. Are you feeding him formula? i sware by giving him cow and gate comfort it has made the wind loads better. I also use dentinox instead of infacol and that seems to work too.
    Have you also tried rubbing his belly? i do this to dylan and the wind seems to soon pop out!

    Gemma xx
  • Hi
    Thanks, Archie is on formula so maybe I will try changing his milk, I find massaging his tummy only works if he has had gripe water. My mum says its punishment as I was exactly th same as a baby! Had never heard of Dentinox so I'll give that a try! Thanks xx
  • My little boy is 5 weeks old and he is a very windy baby. We changed his formula from SMA to Aptamil, which has helped. Also, we use the TT Closer to nature bottles and use the vari flow teats, which have helped. We used infacol but it didn't really help us either.
    Try giving him a few more breaks when feeding him, to burp him. Hope some of this helps
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