Angelcare monitor

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem as me?

Alyssa wriggles down or up the cot turns on her side to sleep and is right against the edge so now our angelcare monitor keeps giving false alarms almost every night? I'm assuming because it can't sense her as she is so far away in the edge and tha mat no longer can tell she is there?

We have a board of wood under? Not sure what else i can do short of switch it to sound only but that worries me?!?!?

She is 7 and a half months BTW.

Thank you x


  • It's on the highest 5?

  • is the pad on slats? if so it works better on a piece of hard board. Also i put the pad right in the middle of the cot but we have a cot and not a cot bed so it is smaller - not sure what else to suggest x
  • yeah summer i said in my original post we have a board of wood under the full size of the cot and it is right in the middle.

  • Mrs P, I could have written this post myself!
    My little man is also 7 and a half months and is also a massive wriggler! Our alarm has also been going off a few times over the past few week, due to him squeezing himself right up to the top of his cot! We seem to keep getting the beep, he moves, then a minute later another beep, and so it continues until the alarm goes off or he wakes! Last night I ended uo turning it off after being woken by the beep at 3.30am!
    We also have the board underneath, so I don't know what else to do.
    I find the monitor so reassuring, and I am kind of nervous about not using it. However if this continues I don't think it is fair on my poor LO or me to continue using it and being disturbed!
  • My Lo is 4 months and we have the same issue. It's a bit better since I put it right up the top of the cot - which is where she seems to wiggle up to. Still get maybe one or two false alarms a week though x
  • im going to try moving the pad up to the top and see if that helps, but if not we may have to knock it off as it waking her and us is doing no one any good!! x
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